Welcome Feathered Friend!

I could not stand it anymore.

I can not stand being without a bird anymore. Ever since Merlin died...I've felt disconnected. I've always had a bird near me and to be without one has been almost...torture. I'm angry more often and more intensely than ever before. I bitch about everything. And most of all...I miss the company while the BF is at work. I want to CRY a siiiiiiiigh of relief as now a bird is back into my life. She (I think this is a female) is a 9 week old cockatiel...very sweet, very calm. She was not hand raised but was raised by her natural parents and is mostly hand tame.

I just happened to see this teeny-tiny ad in the classifieds of our local newspaper on July 4th when I went to get some coffee at the local fair trade coffee house. I called her and left a message. She called me back the same day but was not in town due to the holiday. I can understand that. So she said she would give me a call when she was available and we would set up a time see and interact with the birdies. That day was today.

I've purposefully looked every day since then for another ad for birds and I have not found one. The lady who was selling them said I was the first to call, and four more people have called since the 4th! Destined to be? I really could not tell yea.

She is cute as a button! Her wings are clipped and her tail is cropped (to prevent damage and split feathers). It was a hard choice between her sibling and her...but she was the first to climb onto my shoulder and whisper in my ear. LOL Literally she squeaked in my ear. OOOOH I'm in love! Her sibling was much more skittish and a bit peckish, but he settled down once we started talking to him. I would have took them both, but no room and I wouldn't like the noise. She was half the price of pet-shop cocktails, and I really wasn't keen on purchasing from a pet-shop anyways. This is this ladies third batch of babies and she claims to never have had a complaint about the babies in thier new homes. I am eager to see how this develops. I've never had a bird that has not been hand-raised (vs hand-tamed). I want to weep with joy I am so happy!!

She is very lightly colored, mostly pale yellow with grey here and there. I was so afraid they would look just like Merlin. One of the babies in a photo she showed me looked a lot like Merlin...it was freaky!

I'm not sure what I am going to name her yet. I always wait a while before naming pets unless one comes to me. I was thinking Myshilore (pronounced me-she-lore) but that is the name of one of my World of Warcraft toons. LMAO! Not computer generated either. I take great pride in picking names...even if it is just for a computer toon. We'll see what comes up here in the next week as she gets accumulated.

Photos to come soon. I just got her settled into her cage and I want to let her be and get used to the sounds & smells of her new home. She did not cry or make a single peep on the way home or as I shuffled her into her new home!

Until next time...

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  1. I used to keep 'Tiels, they were absolutly lovely little animals. I wish you much love and a long life from your little new luv bug.

    The Goddess brings us what we need when we need it most. It's awesome to see that she's doing well by you these days.


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