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  1. I have just spent most of the evening learning heaps from your demo films on the web for various spinning and carding techniques. I love your enthusiasm and daggy humour and your GREAT ability to communicate clearly and effectively the techniques you teach. Well done from a slowly improving spinner who spins her own dirty alpaca fleeces in SE Australia. Coco

  2. Anonymous11:39 PM

    I stumbled across this lady's blog and thought of you. She is located in Finland. I find her content just fascinating.


    All the best, Pepper

  3. Oh my gosh it's Rexenne, the fiber video goddess guru and fellow WoW player!! I was bored at work clicking fiber blog links and all of a sudden here I am & I see the person who said "You can do it" or something to that effect in a spinning video and next thing I knew I had 200 lbs of raw fleece in my bathtub. (Of course the farmer selling the stuff for $1 a lb kinda helped but why quibble?) It might be notable that I have yet to acquire a spinning wheel but minor obstacle. I have a BIG colander I found at the Good Will. I figure start with the basics and things can only get more interesting. Hope you don't give up the fiber stuff forever. The videos were really inspirational and you've got a real talent for it. Glad to get a chance to say hi and thanks for all the help. Have a great weekend.
    Blackflower, Gorgonnash

  4. Anonymous11:05 PM

    We miss you!! Are you coming back to the world of fiber. Hope you are feeling better.


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