Oyster, Shiitake and Shroom hunts OH MY

The oyster mushrooms are starting to grow rapidly now and I have two maple logs inoculated with Shiitake plug spawn. We might have a few Shiitakes this fall, but I highly doubt it because it is so late in the season already. Only 20 some odd growing days left...so short here!!

Mike wants to go to the local Arboretum to hunt for some puff ball shrooms. He seems really excited about all this mycology I am getting into. I hope to fund some Hen of the Woods as well.

Meika is settling in just fine and is talking ever more...LMAO!! She is a hoot!

Until next time...

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  1. Rexanne, I discovered your yarn craft videos on YOU TUBE and am just so thrilled! Even though you have apparently moved on to mushrooms since those videos were published I wanted to be sure you knew how much I appreciated so much VALUABLE information you provided and how FUN they were to watch! I sent a donation to your Tip Jar which is nothing compared to what you gave your fans!

  2. Rexenne, I am a computer disaster. Did you get my message about sending you some dye-ing mushrooms for your wool?

    Kristi - bolete_picr@hotmail.com

  3. No, it doesn't look like you did.

    First off, thanks for the fiber videos, and second, the spokane mycology club (of which I have been a member many years) is going to contribute this year to my mushroom stash for dying wool. I am also going to sell it to the local fiber store, Paradise fibers.

    If you would like some this fall, of whatever we find, I can't guarantee any certain types, please send your snail mail address to me at bolete_picr@hotmail.com.

    Good luck with your indoor cultivation. I have crap luck with it and just killed two cultivation logs inadvertantly by putting them together in the same humid pod. Oyster and Shiitake both stopped producing and I just shredded them for the garden last week.

    And come on up to eastern washington some time! I'll take you mushrooming in the fall. This year will be so-so, but we have had some outstanding years in the past.

    Hey to the birdie,


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