5 Days later...WOW

Wanted to show the amazing growth of the bean & sage plants from the last post 5 days ago. I am amazed at the amount of growth! I've never seen a plant grow so fast! The seed leaves have all but dried up and the first second set of true leaves are growing very quickly under the lights.

It's is so happy that even the roots are out-growing the little mesh pot! I dunno why there is so much space between the photo's & text. It irritates me. LOL
And the sage seedlings are growing their first set Sage Seedlingsof true leaves which I predict should be out by next week. The bowl of seeds are spinach. None of my spinach seeds seem to want to germinate. I dunno why. The sit atop a heating pad that I thought would hasten germination. They are a cool weather crop so maybe too much heat from the heating pad?? The water is changed daily.
Spinach SeedsFlooding Cycle I am going to experiment & see how simplified growing hydroponically can be for success. Here, an old plastic window box filled with vermiculite/perlite mix (top layer is pure perlite as it reflects more light) planted with two growing bulb-lets of garlic sits atop an old dish pan by means of a plastic clothes hanger (only thing I could find to work that was not metal nor wood). Three times a day I lower the box into the solution water (about a gallon of water, Ph adjusted to near neutral & basic grow nutrients added), for about 10-15 minutes, then pull it out to drain back into the dish pan. My only issue with this is that the amount of evaporation will be a lot greater. I'll have to keep an eye on the water level & add more water when necessary so the nutrient solution does not condense too much & possibly burn the plant roots.

And lookie here! Flowers!!! I put this potted plant (I dunno the name of it, it was a gift from the lady across the hallway) under the lights a week ago & here it is sending up not one but TWO flower stalks! Now there is a happy plant!!

Until next time...

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