Today, I am thankful.

  • for all those who send me encouraging words,

  • who follow me blog adventures,

  • for me Mum & her continued well-being,

  • for the ever-loving BF who never gives up on me,

  • for the jobs I have & thier continued success

  • for all I have & all I can learn

  • for the place I live in & the woods as my backyard

  • for the skills I have learned & for the ones I will learn

  • for the ability to be happy with what I have

  • for the life I live.

Until next time...

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  1. You said it so well! I'm having a hard time with the holiday-- dreading certain aspects of the family dramaz... but the things you pointed out the be thankful for transcend all that nonsense! The skills, the learning... all so much more important than the things I've been worrying about. Thanks to you.

  2. thanks for the little poem...I needed that today! Your such a neat little person!


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