"No-touch" soap pump: Idiocy fuels germophobic markets

Warning! Pure unadulterated opinions ahead!

Has anyone seen the commercial for a certain brand of "no-touch" soap pump & how they try to villanize a regular soap pump bottle? Excuse me...but...after you touch the soap bottle pump, don't you wash those villainous germs off your hands?? Who fondles with the soap pump after washing your hands?! Good god, that is the most stupidest commercial I have seen yet that attempts to turn all of us into germaphobes!! **GASP!** Run for the hills! Your soap pump is germy! **screeeee-aaaaaaaaaaaaaam**

One friend said they are trying to create a market where there isn't one. I agree whole-heartedly. I mean, come on, this is pure idiocy that most consumers will, unfortunately, believe! Don't fall for it! It's another unneeded contraption to clutter your life with (& suck your wallet dry). The pump on your liquid soap bottle should be the least of our societies germaphobic worries. OH! And I still haven't caught the flu & I still haven't gotten that ridiculous swine flu shot. Huh, imagine that.

I think, therefor I am.

Damned it Blogger, wtf is up with the extra "unintentional story" coding in my posts! Cut that the frick out! And why is my blog so god-damned narrow?!

Until next time...

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