Peat Pellets

Did you know: Peat Pellets are actually too acidic for proper root development for most veggie seedlings? Not only that they dry out terribly fast. Use organic seed starting soil mix instead as it has been mixed to provide properly balanced pH with ingredients that won't try out so quickly. Try mixing your starting mix with some of that "Soil Moist", But be sure to by the fine granules for seed starting as the regular sized granules actually expand too much for seedlings. Use the regular sized granules for the garden & potted veggies. I use "Soil Moist" in all my potted veggies & in my garden (raised gardens dry out much quicker than traditional ground level gardens).

Knowledge from years of gardening, free for you. :)


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  1. My comment has nothing to do with gardening, which I love! I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your spinning and related tutorials on utube. I am just getting into this aspect of fiber arts and find your videos entertaining, understandable and cutely funny. Thank you!!

  2. I made it here from your you tube channel, educational and entertaining BTW. Thanks for this bit of info I didn't realize peat pellets were like that.


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