How Facebook Betrayed Users and Undermined Online Privacy

use facebook, but I have never used my real information. It just boggles the mind that people would put their sensitive personal information on a "networking" website. No website can be tr

usted with your personal information unless they are verified...and even then it is a leap of faith that no one will steal & th

en attempt to use, your personal information. I have not quit facebook because facebook is no real threat to me since I be smarter than the average user & refus

e to put my real information on there.

But to have facebook violate their own privacy policy?! Wow, serious facepalm-age there. Germany is suing, many other countries will follow suit. I suspect by the end of the year, facebook will be no more.

Click the title of this post to be taken to the article that explains in explicit detail all the delicious ways facebook has violated it's own privacy policy & wronged users from all

over the world.

Way to go facebook! You've fucked up again!

Here is just one example (of many I could cite) from my recent internet forays today. How is this protecting my privacy? I dare say it does anything BUT protect it.

Ummmm, red flag anyone?

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