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Life has taken on some twists and turns over the last year or so. Seeing how my last post was in summer of 2011....
My domestic life went kablewy...my significant other of 13 years went crazy and I made the decision that it was best for us to go our separate ways. Something happened with him, not sure what. It wasn't like he ever talked to me about anything. I don't like secrets and he kept a lot of them and was a habitual lair. The last lie he tried on me was the last straw, literally the straw that broke the camel's back. I'll put up with a lot before I break and I had had enough. I am an honest person myself and I expect the same in return. I am also a very dedicated person so it was hard to leave the only man I have spent any significant amount of time with. But it was for the best because we had already grown apart in more than one way. In hind sight, I saw many manipulative behaviors that are meant to control someone.

Why do we not see these things while they are happening, only in hind-sight?! Ugh...life is like that.

Now I live on my own, with my own space, no one to fuck things up or move things around or get things dirty and not clean up....and my life, mind, and heart are much-much more at peace.

The move fucked up my back and now I have to see a chiropractor on a regular basis. I've learned to live with the discomfort from a pinched sciatica nerve. Sitting for long periods of time causes a flare up in pain, especially with hard chairs, but thankfully driving is not uncomfortable so I can continue to advance in that area. I'm sure the condition would have presented itself in due time and I am positive the move simply accelerated it. You don't get four squished discs from one move. Granted I did most of the moving on my own, but still...not possible. In fact the first time the chiropractor saw the ex-rays, she said to me "From the looks of this ex-ray I'd say you grew up on a farm and did a lot of heavy lifting growing up."

HA!!! If only!!
No. No farm for me, yet. Just a hard life. She figures maybe the multiple rear-enders I have been in may have been the cause instead. That first year learning to drive was hell. I was rear-ended three times while on a learners permit and to no fault of my own.

And then, about 6 months into my single-hood,  my Mother went crazy. She stopped taking her psych meds and she quite literally started going senile. She has paranoid schizophrenia, diabetes, and a degenerative heart condition. You can't just stop taking those medications and expect everything to go well.  The last straw for her was when she called me up, at 4am, to leave a message stating "Fuck You" for no reason other than not answering the phone. She had been calling me multiple times a day, everyday and expecting me to answer. I work for a living. When I am not working, especially in the summer months, I am out spending time with my friends (and bless their souls as without them the transition to single-hood would have been so much worse). I am not obligated to answer the phone every time it rings. Anyone who has had to deal with a schizophrenic can relate, I'm sure.

Well, to make a long story short I have had to cut off all contact with her and had to download an app to the cell that would block her from even reaching the voice mail. When I finally got to my messages I literally had dozens of venomous and verbally abusive messages from my own mother.  Enough is enough. I am not a victim and I refuse to take any kind of abuse from anyone.

So, yes, my domestic life went kablewy.

But, things have settled down. I even graduated from the Woman's Theological Institute (WTI) and received a Master's in Woman's Spirituality. I've even started teaching online and getting paid to do so! I love the intuitive arts. And I do mean arts literally...as in pen, ink, paint, canvas...what-have-you. Which could also be defined as healing arts as well I suppose. Although I guess healing arts are more like massage and Reiki.

I did get around to fixing the donate button thanks to the heads up from the fans over there on Youtube. I love youtube. I learn everything from there...quite literally.  I've started quilting and everything I have ever wanted to know about it is on youtube.

So okay, maybe....just maybe I can get back to this thing. I do more on Fuckupbook...I mean...facebook than blogger anymore. I only friend people I actually know though, personal preference.
I still craft and make things....not so much with fiber anymore. I'm branching out into textile arts! After working in a yarn shop for three years...and having to knit all the time...I've lost the desire to do that anymore. Although, strangely enough, I still have my yarn stash...LMAO! Now I am acquiring a fabric stash....oh fiber in it's many different forms...how you toy with me. HA!!

And I have a certain Turkish Spindle that I was supposed to make a demo video of...that never happened...and I cannot for the life of me remember who that was from. I would like to simply send the money for it since I was unable to keep my end of the bargain. My intention was never to keep it without completing my part for it. It was made from reclaimed wood and is simply beautiful!! I don't use it much anymore, like I said, I have moved on to other crafty things. I'm sure I'll come back to it, eventually.



What a puzzle it can be.


I think that blue splotch is from a time when I was editing the template. I have no idea where it is in the code now and can't seem to be rid of it. A haunting of a past life. HA!
Until next time...

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  1. I have been a long time follower of your blog and You Tube videos. I was very surprised and happy to see your post today. I am very glad to see you are back on your feet (sorta speak). Remember it is not the destination but the journey thats important. I hope to see/hear more from you. Peace!


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