9 Log Cabin Blocks....jumping on the bed...

These nine blocks were originally apart of a set of 20....until I ran out of that pretty stain glass looking strip (black and red). They look like pixilated roses and I cannot find that fabric any more. I'm sure it is more than 5 years old. So I asked my friend, Bellezza, can I make a lap quilt out of ten? Yes!! You can make one out of 9 with two border fabrics!!

Well...I hopped onto that train, finished up the nine blocks that were missing the last two strips of dark fabric and got to it! She showed me three configurations which work with 9 blocks and they are as follows....

Fields and Furrows


All Sevens

Now why the call that last one all sevens when there are nine (or more) is beyond me. But Fields and Furrows is the winner in this lineup. The zig zag just looks funkay to me and all sevens....is not all it's cracked up to be. That was really fun arranging all the blocks and taking a photo! This will be my first quilt...vs table runner or other quilted object.

BTW, does anyone recognize these blocks from a previous project?? 
So what to do with the remaining 10 partial blocks? Well, since I am out of several of the fabrics I used, I figure I could just finish them with whatever I have in my stash that coordinates with the other pieces and make another lap quilt. 

The next fun part will be taking the top to the fabric store to match up two fabrics for the borders (if I can't find something appealing in the stash) and the back will just be a reclaimed second hand flat bed sheet me thinks. I love our plethora of second hand stores in my area!  Bellezza says " your first border would take 5/8 yard to get 5 cuts of a 2 or 3" strip (go for the 3") and then 3/4 yard for a second border, cut 6 strips of 4"...that makes it 54 x 54 block and its a nice size to cuddle under if you are laying on a couch". She really doesn't think she is all that good with this stuff...well, she sure does impress me!!! 

Then using my handy dandy Quilting Calculator smart phone app to help me figure out that I will need 1/3 yard for binding. We really do live in a fun age. We don't have to do too much on our own like our foremothers would have had to. 

Until next time...

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  1. This is going to be even more gorgeous with borders, binding and a back. Can hardly wait to see the finished quilt. Its fun working with you from a distance!


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