Goodwill pays penny wages?! Seriously?? We are not China!

Okay so this is not going to turn into my politica rant blog but things that affect me are important. I go to Goodwill a lot, or rather, I used to. I get a lot of my craft supply and fabric scraps there for, usually, dirt cheap. So when I went to their facebook page to rant about the jacked up prices of some of their second hand goods (for example, a black 10 gallon tote marked for $6 when they sell for less or equal to that, new) I discovered a news report that had been done about how little they pay their "severely handicapped" employees.
Below is the video from NBC news.

So now I can not, ethically (in my mind), support this organization because now I know they employ slave labor to make millions a year. We are not China. This shit doesn't fly here.
Let me Goggle that for you (will open in a new window)

Goodwill's reply to my rant?

"Hi, the story you read referred to the Special Minimum Wage Certificate. We can understand the initial reaction to the story, however, we would like you to hear from us. 
This tool is an intentional policy of the U.S. Department of Labor intended to create vocational opportunities for people with severe disabilities who otherwise would not have them. 
In fact, Goodwill pays between 5 and 7 percent of its total workforce using this tool, and of that small percentage, the average worker makes $7.47 an hour. What wasn't reported is that we also provide essential support to workers under this Federal law such as health and wellness benefits, transportation, assistive technology and more.http://bit.ly/GwWork"

A poor attempt to skirt around the issue that has people in an uproar. Sorry, I call you on your shit. Why would they report you are paying less than they actually do. Here, they claim to pay more than min-wage. I'm kinda gonna believe the news report, especially when there are so many different agencies reporting about it (see google link for the list). While they have and continue to do good by "employing" (if you'd call it that) those that would otherwise not have a focus in life, the wool has been lifted and people are outraged. The disabled folks think they are the shizz because most of them really don't know any different or can not mentally comprehend this grievous error on Goodwill's part. Those of us who are able to think for ourselves, see a problem.

When I find these things out about extremely unethical practices I stop shopping at said place. I decided more than a month ago after Hobby Lobby was granted the power to tell it's healthcare provider what they can and can not cover when it comes to wimmin's health, that I would not shop there again until that decision was revoked because it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of bounds. An employer has NO RIGHT to tell it's employees what kind of healthcare they can or can not receive. It's rediculous!! It's just another example of how they like to push thier religious principles onto the rest of the society, who may or may not believe or worship the same. What's happening to our country where the MEN are waging a literal gender war on wimmin (I spell wimmin this way for a reason). Where do they get this recockulous idea that they can tell us if or when we can have birth control or have an abortion?? Who are they to say they know better about OUR BODIES. Wimmin's bodies are 10 times more complex than men. We can support and give birth to another life-form, if we so choose to. That makes for a whole set of complicated systems that men don't have in their bodies. Let's restrict their access to Viagra and see how well that shit goes over.

This shit is going to lead to civil unrest. I can feel it happening. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of WHEN it will happen, because it will. All great nations fall and we are heading for one massive cliff of social destruction.

Stick a pin in it!

Until next time...

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  1. This is great research. I discovered that the thrift stores in my town bag up what they can't sell and call the Salvation Army. This is an organization I don't support and am thinking about my monthly donations. Do I care what happens to it once it leaves my house? I think I do. However, I am not sure what the answer is yet. Your comments got me thinking that I need to get some more information. Thanks!


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