And so it goes, PIF's (Pay-it-Forwards), and other ramblings

Okay so I kind of slacked off a bit on the blog.
Last weekend I went camping with a friend in Minnesota where we also visited the Minn Ren Fair. This post is going to be photo heavy since I am a visual person and I want to share everything!

 There was a HUGE string of storms that moved through as we were leaving town Friday afternoon. It left some spectacular clouds in it's wake.

I'm participating in a Pay it forward doobledoo that was posted on my friends blog Every Stitch a Prayer.

Here's how it works. I will take the first three names (and email addresses) from anyone interested in this challenge and agree to make and send you a little hand made fabric art within a year. You will not know when it is coming or what it might be.

YOU agree to post this same offer wherever it works for you (Facebook, your family gathering, your work group, or wherever you can post it) and then, make and send something you have made to those three people. It carries through so that every person agreeing to Pay It Forward only makes three items, just like you can see from the cute graphic above. You must give them the same information about paying it forward to three other people. To keep it going, they need to be aware of the guidelines here.

In other news, I am continuing to practice making Mug Rugs. This is one is a simple print fabric framed with sashing.
But I am still working on finishing a blankie by this Sunday while another friend of mine wants to do a camping trip as well. I think I might have to pass!!

I am still struggling to deal with some family issues, mainly my mother and her mental illness that continues to effect her and everyone she comes into contact with. My Brother has asked me to be present as a witness in a court date coming up very soon (she filed a restraining order under false pretenses because he filed one against her - seriously, I know - crazy), but there are no funds to take a trip to my home-town so instead I've had an affidavit notarized and sent to him. In the last six months my mothers mental stability has become much less than it was just six months ago. She, of course, sees nothing wrong but her paranoia is so evident now. She doesn't take her meds like she is supposed too and continually threatens to either OD on them or "leave town and not tell anyone". It's all attention getting tactics, very child like behavior. Now my Aunt is getting a whiff of this news from my Cousin whom I am connected to through Facebook and is completely out of the loop because Mom has not told her any of this is going on. Well of course she hasn't.


We've been trying for a while now to get her into a group home, but for reasons unknown to us, the system is waiting until she does something either to herself or someone else before issuing a court order. Why is it something has to happen BEFORE action is taken? Why can't we take preventative measures to ensure her health and safety? Why is it that this is the way EVERYTHING is ran in this country?

Well anyways, I try to stay busy and live my life to the best of my ability. After coming home from this latest camping trip I felt very much alone after being with friends for three days. It's hard, at times, to live alone and often wonder if I will ever find someone to share my life and love with again. The world is a vast and scary place where someone of my plumpness has difficulty finding love. I often see other wimmin of my size with what seems to me to be questionable partners and I wonder if that is because we become so desperate for companionship and the touch of another human being that we simply take and accept whatever shows the slightest bit of interest. I don't want that. These things are constantly on my mind. I'm sure it sounds irrational. I'm very observant to the world around me. I'm also very skeptical of the motives of others. Trust is a hard thing to give since two of those I loved the most have chosen to violate this trust.  I've become a hard shell to the outside world because of it and I shut down around men especially. There is no trusting them in my mind, at least, not right now. I try to keep the hope of "someday" finding that special someone that shares my same interests in the world, but it's hard.

What happens if that someone someday never shows?

Oh stop it mind! Life is too short to worry about such things! Yet it does anyways...


On a side note, does anyone know how I can center up my blog image at the top of the page??

Stick a pin in it!

Until next time...

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