September Blocks, Generous tippers and other happenstances

September blocks are in!!

Here is what my swapping buddy sent me. Look at that!!! It's gorgeous!! Very much appropriate for this time of year as school, and work, started back up this month. If you didn't already know, I drive a short yellow bus. I love the job and have been doing it for 10 years. She did all the piecing and embroidery work on this one. I'm quite impressed.

The one I made is one I dubbed "Universal Basket", a basket for all the universe has to offer. It's nearing the last bit of harvesting here in Wisconsin so I wanted something that was harvesty. I wanted to do a cornicopia but felt it would have been too much for the little block. Plus I couldn't find a pattern I was happy with. I'm sure I could have just winged it. Meh. It is what it is. I did all the piecing with glue basting. Wonderful WONDERFUL glue basting! It saves me time from having to frog it or starting over.

My scrap collection is getting a might big, I really need to start making something with them. Enter Mug Rug Swap on Craftsy! Bellezza said she had signed up so I thought I would give it a go too! It has a $3 registration fee, which of course I scoffed at when I first saw it. But as I thought about, I figured it would encourage those who were really commited to swapping, to finish the swap and keep flakers at bay. Flakers....the bane of any swap and the nightmare of any swap hostess. I really hope I get someone outside the US to swap with. Why is it, that it's so exotic to swap from so far away? Knowing that this bit of handy work came from across the world, in a land far-far away...yeap. That's it. LOL!

I'm continuing to work on a "baby" blanket for a friend whose Baby Shower is at the end of this month. I am loving the way it is turning out. Hopefully she doesn't read this blog, but if she does, here's a sneak peak...
I type "baby" because it really doesn't have a traditional baby theme and is more day-of-the-dead-ish. She loves the fabrics I picked out and thinks they are awesome. So, what the hell...let's go outside the box here for a bit!! I have some lovely solar system fabric for the backing and have a double binding in mind that involves some purple.

HOLY SMOKES!! Tippers!! Once upon a time, in a land far-far away....

No, wait...scratch that.

Once upon a time, in a lifetime far-far in the past (okay maybe not THAT long ago really), I made quite a few of video tutorials on knitting, spinning and carding raw wool and some tatting 'tutes. I developed quite the following and began to get requests asking how to donate. Enter donation button located at the top of this blog.

Over the years, I've received many donations in various amounts in appreciation for the knowledge gained through my 'tutes. I am always thrilled to read how someone was able to learn something from them and found them valuable enough to send me a tip via that donation button. When I made them, at that time, there weren't very many about those particular subjects. So decided to fill the void to the best of my ability, being goofy along the way. My largest donation yet came in over the last week to the tune of $100!!! I was beyond thrilled! Thank you so much Barbara! You made my week!! I went and got a sorely needed adjustment from the Chiropractor and liberated my backup sewing machine from the repair shop.

THEN...oh but wait...there's MORE!

Then I get an email from my favorite Hydroponic store of all time Wednesday, Paradigm Gardens, telling me I won a gift certificate to the tune of...$100!!!

Zomagah...I'm flipping out now.

So that money is going to be put towards a new RO membrane for the reverse osmosis filter and I'm gonna replace the plant light bulbs for the winter months ahead (T5's). The membrane is over a year old and the water is starting to taste funny. BLEH!

So, two MORE things getting paid for after I was wondering how I was going to fit them into the budget.


 This post is getting pretty long but I wanna share one more thing. I received these lovely hand warmers from a dear friend in Minnesota as a Pay-it-Forward gift.
Knitted from premium alpaca yarn...they fit snugly and are OH so warm. No more cold fingers for me when I type this winter!

Uh, winter....why do you have to come so soon and last so long!!

Stick a pin in it!

Until next time...

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  1. your gifts keep coming in! And so it should be...its like all the pay it forwards you've done are showing up! Great work. I love being a part of the action!


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