Power Naps make better use of your free time

So I stumbled across this video about power napping...take a listen:

That got me thinking that I might just start taking a nap after the work day is done and see what happens. When the work day is done and I come home, I'm usually pretty beat and don't get much done because of feeling tired.

I don't normally fall asleep within a 20 minute period, or I start to get really relaxed just as the 20 minutes is up...which then I end up just staying in bed and sleeping more than I need to. According to this theory, more is not always better.

So I wonder, if I can be disciplined enough to take JUST 20 minute naps everyday after I get home for the day, if I will eventually fall asleep sooner once it becomes a daily habit?

Hmmm, lemme give it a try and see!!

Until next time...
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  1. Yea I tried the power nap thing for a week...and I gotta say...it's not for me. I lay down and just start to fall asleep and the 20 minutes is up. I'm tired for the rest of the day! I think 20 min laying down on the couch while watching TV does me better than laying down in bed. I'm weird. I know this.


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