Second Mug Rug done!

 Here is the second one!
I've tried to make conversation with my swap partner, but either they are too busy or they don't get around to checking email much. Right, well, nothing new there. Oh well. We did get a couple emails exchanged. I sure hope she appreciates this one. It took me all day Saturday to complete the paper pieced tree. LOTS of little pieces and a few mistakes later, there it was. It's gorgeous! I used a "hand stitch" setting on the sewing machine to do the quilting on this one. It looks really nice in my humble opinion, but it is one hell of a bitch to rip out...so note to self...don't make mistakes while using the "hand stitch" mode on the sewing machine.

And I dunno about you, but I've been getting a lot of google errors telling me there was an error in saving/publishing. Anyone else experiencing this?

And the label I made on the computer and printed out on a piece of fabric that was temp glued to some card stock and ran through the printer. Heat set with an iron and a test wash later, I had my own labels! Both rugs have one now.

I have to say, these have been a great bit of fun to put together and a great bit of practice for binding and quilting. I might just have to make a couple more. I don't know that I would gift any to my nearby friends. I could just hear one of them say "A Mug what? Like, what the hell am I going to do with that? Pshhhhh!"  I don't much know what to think of that one. /shrug

Got the plant stand and lights all ready to receive the plants that are living outside right now. The night temps are slowly making their way down to the upper 30's. Even now, in the mid 40's it's too chilly for the Hibiscus so that has been coming in on a nightly basis. I hate bringing the plants back inside...they always have hitch hikers hiding in them. *shiver-jeebie* and I have to deal with them on my own so it's always fun. The other day I found one sitting on my kitchen counter...and I squealed and jumped back as if a flippin mouse had crossed my path.

It was a short stand off as I waited with baited breath wondering if it was gonna scurry off before I had a chance to dispatch it. I just happen to have a plastic dish in my hand and quickly slammed it atop the creepy crawly. It was very Bruce Lee/Matrix like.... /snort!! It was one of those white ones too....goddess they are creepy!!! Can't stand them!

The attic spiders, however, are more than welcome. I dunno why they don't bother me but they don't bother me and they don't move around all that much. They just hang out in a corner here and there. It helps that I can't see any fangs...
So don't get me started on the damned wolf spiders.....GAH!!

There is a VERY LARGE common orb weaver living in the greenhouse outside, but she's kinda cool....and not close to my door and so not much of a bother. Her webs have gotten smaller and smaller over the last couple of weeks while she has grown and grown some more. It's probably getting a bit cold for her out there. As long as they are outside...I'm mostly ok. Don't get one in the car or bus though.....fsdbhfsafigb....guh!!! It takes a shit ton of effort not to flip out in the drivers seat....that....would be bad....


Until next time...
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