Another day, Another Graduate!

 A friend of mine is graduating this weekend from WTI and she has invited us all to her ceremony.

 I made this ornament to give her. The pattern I found in the book Fa-la-la-la Felt! but there is a pattern online as well at A Feathered Nest. This is what I plan to make for gifts this year. Not all the same thing but a variety with scrolls of blessing attached to each one. So what a person gets is what they are meant to receive.

Had to learn some embroidery for this project but it was fun, quick and super easy.

Went to the coffee shop the other day and found the Wool'ies are back out! I love this blue pair. They are made from twice felted wool sweaters with a Merino lining. They are super warm! I want a pair, but at $48 a pair...I'll try to make my own first. 

There are plenty of tutorials out there for this project. 

Quilt update! I've finished hiding the HUNDREDS (it seemed like it anyways) of thread ends and I am ready to bind!! 

I will get this done BEFORE December...I-think-I-can-I-think-I-can-I-think-I-can! 

No wait.


Until next time...
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  1. Curiosity question: if you are not interested time-wise in making your own felt, are you doing anything with your fleeces? (Which I suppose makes the assumption that you have unused fleeces...) Are you interested in selling any of them? I ask because I have gone in the opposite direction - I start only from raw fleece these days for felting/spinning/weaving/whatever...

  2. Once upon a time, I did the crafting from raw fleece. I gave a lot of what I had away and what I have left I do plan on crafting with again some day. It takes A LOT of effort and time to make felt. In fact, it's great exercise! I just don't have the ambition or energy to do so much anymore. It's funny you bring this up because just yeterday I was looking at a book all about making felt at the library. I decided not to check it out because I just don't have the energy I used to.

    The last fleece I bought was at least five years ago. I don't go to the sheep and wool festival anymore mostly because I have no way out there...but also because if I went, I'd probably come home with another fleece! LOL!! They can be so irresistible.

    Quilting takes up a lot of my time now-a-days. In fact I am desperately trying to finish one for a pregnant friend of mine before her due date...next month. LMAO!! I was over ambitious with the quilting design so it has taken me a LOOOOoooong time to get to this point. I started it in July.

    As with most crafts I get into, I move through them like the seasons. One moment, I'm all gun-ho over raw wool and working with it...the next...I'm quilting. That's just how I'm wired.


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