Going Vegan...baby steps

So with all these back issues I have had of late, and I know my BP is higher than it should be.

 I'm "Hungry for Change".

And I am a meat lover. Call me a Carnivore...I love the taste and texture of a medium-rare steak. And I love a chance to hunt for wild meat.

My friend Debi, who lives in Minnesota, posted this link to her facebook page.

Becoming Vegan: 12 tips from the experts

And that got me thinking, hey...baby steps, right? I could switch out most of my modern meat items pretty quickly (minus the venison - which I harvested myself and my eggs which I buy from a local family that raises them on organic feed and they have free range of the backyard where they live) with vegan options. I will, however, not be swapping my shoes for "VEGAN" shoes...which sounds completely ridiculous to me and is a bit out there for my tastes. Squeeze every little red cent out of a consumer I tell yea.

Then that page led me to a movie called Vegucated which is on Netflix streaming.

I watched it.

And learned some god-aweful things about our meat raising habits....that made me cry.

I already knew about some of the god-aweful practices...but this just hammered the nail home.

So far, my impressions on vegans is that they seem to be rolling in the money. Some of these options are not cheap.

And soy milk? No thank you. I don't much care for soy because of the phytoestrogens it contains and my previous health issues related to that area of my anatomy. But Almond milk? Cha, totally...but the cost! Half a  gallon for the price of ,or more than, a gallon of whole milk?!!! Ugh...I dunno...baby steps. Right?

And cheese...has become expensive and I love cheese. But I've noticed I eat less of that too...because of it's high cost (both morally and financially).

I already have a pretty large stash of dry beans. Boom! Protein. During the summer, my diet changes to a mostly vegetarian one because of the abundance of produce. And I CRAVE meat. It's the protein I crave.

My freezer is starting to fill with frozen veggies which I recently learned retain nearly 80% of their vitamins vs fresh which is normally picked early and shipped hundreds of thousands of miles before my eyes see it. That's what the local farmers market is for in the peak of  the growing season.

But now...now I'm starting to get a bit overwhelmed.

So much information to assimilate...so many changes...and so much money.

I know starting out will be ruff. But I don't eat meat all that often anymore anyways. It's become too expensive and with my previous knowledge of chicken "farming" practices I've avoided chicken.

But the question becomes what about the QUALITY of the vegetable available to me. Sure, we have an organic grocery store, but I don't have a way out there on a regular basis. I have yet to be able to afford a car. I do have a friend who is willing to loan me her car....when she is home. She's gone a lot.

ON top of that, now there is this new concern about GMO's. It has been PROVEN that GM foods CAUSE CANCER. And without labeling laws, it's hard to avoid them....which is the point. The more crap we eat, the more often we see the doctor and the more their pockets are padded. This is not "foil cap" thinking. It's FACT.

I know I need to do SOMETHING to curb the track that my health is heading down. I worry about it a lot because I have no health insurance nor can I afford what is being offered out there. And that damned Obama-care site, healthcare.gov, is never in working order. What a joke that is.

I struggle to pay my dental insurance and bill on top of that.

It really is a flawed system we have here in the states that is basically designed to keep those with the most money the healthiest, and those who are poor or struggling to keep up...well fuck them.

I say fuck you. I'm going change my way of eating to beat the healthcare system. If not for myself then out of sheer spite of the system. They won't be making money of me. I'm educating myself and I'm going to change. Is my Aries showing?? HA!

Okay okay okay....so...I need help in getting started.

I need meal ideas and recipes that won't cost me a kidney to buy or a whole evening to prepare.

Any ideas?

Here's to a healthier me!!

Until next time...
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  1. For what it's worth: this is a comment about funds rather than veganism. About the only thing I know for sure about being vegan is that you should combine rice and beans for your body to take up the protein properly. After that, sadly clueless :-}

    But here is something I have been thinking:
    - You put the time and effort into Women's Theological Studies.
    - You know how to make some of the most fun YouTube videos that I have ever seen AND they are extremely useful. Also, I am not alone in this opinion, as number of hits must tell you.
    - You appear to be a sincere and talented practitioner, with an excellent visual sense, particularly in altar creation.
    - While I first thought about doing YouTube videos to teach some of the principles you have studied, I did wonder if that might be giving away your work essentially for free, which is not quite correct.
    - Would you consider letting people pay to sign up for a Google Hangout where you could teach a group of students who are geographically dispersed?
    - A beginning class might be constructing altars?
    - Google Hangouts are free and easy. I am currently participating in a book club this way.

    Does any of this sound interesting?

  2. Yes I just learned about the beans AND rice. I still have horrible gas from the beans. LOL!!

    I thank you for your feedback and praise, but there are plenty of resources out there for the accumulation of knowledge in just about any area of spiritual practice. I would just be beating the same drum with a different stick and that's too redundant for me. I'm sure there is something in your area if that is what you are interested in. It just take a bit of research and hunting. I started with books, then with online local groups, studied with the online Witch School for a couple of years, and eventually ended up at my local RCGI through which WTI is held. I teach, occasionally, online through RCGI.org. Maybe you will find something there that will fill the void you are seeking to fill? I wish you luck on your journey!

  3. My, my, lots of good food for thought on the RCGI.com site...


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