November Blocks, frame failure and Turkey....wings!

My November Calendar block made it to Bellezza so here it is! It's a cup of abundance/comfort. This month has been a cold one, and I do love my teas and coffee! Wooobleeeewooo!

And this is my attempt at putting a quilting frame together using a card table as part of the framework. Well, it's just not working out. I'm not happy with it at all and it will be dismantled until I can come up with a better plan. I saw some folding mechanisms at the hardware store the other day, and thought...hey...I could attach legs to a wooden frame and have them fold up for easier storage! But the damned things are like $10 each. At that price, my home-made frame will end up costing more than a prebuilt one. That's not the idea here! LOL! Back to the drawing board. Pinterest has boundless images of inspiration. If nothing else I'll just buy one, one of these days and save myself the hassle. I don't seem to have the energy I used to. I'm not liking that one bit.

Turkey wings!! I went hunting with a friend two years ago and the wings have been curing in Borax since then. I am excited to finally take them out and get them fit for displaying. They are pretty ragged looking but that is how they came on the turkey. The ends where the wings were attached to the body need to be covered in some leather. They are pretty ragged with the bits of dried up skin poking out. The feathers need a good brushing as well. I think I more excited to get that confounded box out of my effin way!! LOL! It's been stashed under the craft table since I moved, taking up space and looking awful.

While also trying to figure out something with this quilting frame project I am also building a custom bookcase with reclaimed wood from the local Restore. Only $2 a board! Can't go wrong there!  I want it white because it will reflect the most light and not darken the place. I can't find white bookcases that are taller than a couple feet anywhere! So. Eeef it. I'll built one to suit my wants and needs. This bookcase will be used to store and display my fabrics among other things. I'll need to get rid of, or store, a piece of furniture to make room for it because there just isn't any at the moment.

I tried buying some spray paint to paint the wood with...that claims to cover twice as much with one can...

Complete and utter bullshit if you want my honest opinion.

LOL! I'll never fall for that one again. It didn't cover very well and I had to cover twice to get a nice finish.
This was the Rust-Oleum brand "PAINTER'S TOUCH ULTRA COVER 2X" painter plus primer.
Pfffffff.....what a joke.

I'll be heading over to the local True Value for a quart can of paint and a small roller in the morning to finish this paint job. It'll cost me less in the end me thinks.

My lungs will thank me as well. Spray paint...no matter what the can says (low odor my ass) is still extremely fumy. I didn't wear a mask when I sanded this piece I attempted to spray yesterday and I paid dearly for it with a migraine that came with lightening in the back of my eyeballs that kept me up most of the night
...eeeshh...never had one of those before. Lesson learned there!

And thank you AGAIN to Barbara for another generous donation via my donate button at the top of the blog!! I do appreciate the extra bit of money!

Until next time...
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