Checking in, Winter Break flying by

As with every bit of time off I have, it flies by. I've been working on several different projects, a few are below and a few I can't show because they are gifts for folks who read my blog.

The candle mat below I finished and gifted to my friend who was my assigned secret santa recipient. She loved it and said the wine theme was perfect. The center square is a mix of of a grape print, floral print and a leaf print. I quilted it with a simple cross hatch pattern.

D9P Wine Theme

For my other friend I made this pin cushion/thread bag combo. She has a brand spakin new machine that she has barely touched. I thought that if I made her an accessory for it that it would encourage her to play more on it. I just love to make things for those I care about. 

Now I am going to work on the January Calendar block and make a few more gifts. Who says you have to give them away in time for the "holidays"?  I don't have the time to make them before the holidays so I make them and give them as I can. We shouldn't wait to show appreciation for those we care about. 

I was able to purchase the new monitor and I love it! It's twice the size of the old one and is great for watching movies on and playing games. I've been loosing myself in Lord of the Rings Online, which I have played before but after watching the latest Hobbit movie, had an itch to get back into it. I was welcomed back into the old Kinship, Second Breakfast, and have lost myself in the game. It was nice through the holiday as depression started creeping up on me and I felt sorry for myself. No one invited me over for dinner this year. Last year everyone had me over. Lives change, I guess. I really felt like I was kind of over-looked. I lived through it...barely. 
I pondered suicide more than once, wondering if anyone would miss me when I was gone.
Depression is hard thing to overcome when my family is so far away and my mother and I are at odds because of her mental illnesses. I keep getting cards from her, but I rarely open them anymore because when I have, they have not held nice words. 
I cried myself to sleep more than once over the last week, longing for someone to hug or hold me.

Then I realized I had forgotten to take any of my supplements! That's why I the depression was hitting me so hard! So I took double doses of Vit D3 and the next day was feeling better emotionally. Amazing how much better I feel after taking the D3. It does wonders for the S.A.D. I just have to remember to take it.

So Lotro helped me connected to some fun folks and helped keep my mind off the severe depression I was experiencing. Goddess Gamer, emotional healing through digital entertainment. :) 

Until next time...
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