Attack of the Hex...agon & OCD...it's not what you think....

Oh yes, I went there. Saw this in my feed this morning and I yelled "This is totally me!"

Oye! Hexagons! I'm hooked! This is a great project to work on in the evenings while I try to relax so I can fall asleep. I've been struggling with a bought of insomnia here recently, and I have this issue on a regular basis about once a month or so. It's a cycle I'm used to. I'll sleep just fine and then, for no obvious reason that I can discern...insomnia and I become involuntary night-time buddies. I'll be tired...but sleep won't come. I'm too tired to get up and do anything...so I lay there and think about....quilts. 

So I had this fantastic idea one night, while silently cursing at the insomnia bug, about how I could do hexagons without having to tediously cut the shapes out, and save on printer ink.

A-HA! In comes Fiskars Extra-Large (2in) Squeeze punch!

Punches have come a looooong way since I last purchased them for scrapbooking...a lifetime ago it seems.

What better way to get rid of all the cardstock scraps I have from making Halloween silhouettes for the patio door! 

So two birds with one stone here. Get rid of some clutter 
(while creating another one, right? LOL! Oh, crafters logic...)
and make some hexies to work on with yet another clutter object....
Scrap fabric.
They also have two or three smaller sizes which I will plan on getting in the future. 

Flowers? In the middle of winter?
You betcha!
My orchids always flower around this time of year and this one is my pride and joy. I've had her for five years and she flower last summer (which is out of her normal flowering cycle) and now she is sending out not one, but TWO HUGE flower stalks. 
My secret? I water them with the run-off from the worm bins.
Technically not a true worm tea because worm tea is a cultured product. I forget what they call the run-off, but it's not worm tea.

This is my cane orchid that has not flowered since I got her from the local orchid show in 2011. She grew a new cane over the summer and this is the new bloom from it. I have to keep her well watered because the blooms seem to dry up and drop off if I don't.
She also gets worm bin run-off when it's available.
I've had worm bins for close to ten years.
They don't stink (unless something is off, which normally is not the case).
I have some issues with my worms escaping to dry up somewhere....not sure why but I suspect this happens during population explosions where there is an abundance of fresh scraps for them. I gave a friend several hand-fulls of worms over the last summer because they were trying to escape, and even those worms do the same thing over at her place! I have special worms...
Needless to say, they seem pretty darn happy here as they keep growing in numbers.
I like worms. They are interesting creatures...just like chickens! I like chickens as PETS too.
And since going vegan/paleo (I switched from vegan to paleo because I was craving protein so badly and my energy levels were crap, definitely not a vegan. Love my meat!) there have been PLENTY of scraps and so plenty of run-off.

Now that I handed off the petti-coat tote to the bday girl, I really need to concentrate on the Hugs & Kisses project...which I have been avoiding and I'm not really sure why. I love paper peicing...so what am I avoiding...
Oh wait...
I know.
This product is for the commercial "Valentines" day...
A sore subject for me that 's for sure.
Been single, and living alone, for two years now and I STILL think about him and wonder how he is doing.
I can't help it.
It's hard to get over a first love...and one that ran for so long of a time...13 years.
I said some really mean things when the shit hit the fan, and I wish I could say I'm sorry. I told him I had no more love for him...
Well, that wasn't completely true. I was just at my wits end with his non-communicative and distant self.
It was time for the relationship to end...it was more than time.
But I still regret saying that...
I'll have to learn to forgive myself and move on.


I hear this song and it makes me cry as it reminds me of that time of the separation. When I was exasperated with the distance he had put himself from me, and his constant absence from my life even though we slept in the same bed and lived in the same home.

So maybe this will be a healing project?

Hearts don't mend easily and mine locked away with a well hidden key.

I don't know if it will ever come out of the protective box it is in again....

I don't mean to end on a sad note, but this is where my mind is.

Until next time...
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  1. First of all, I want to commend you on such brave and authentic sharing. I love your authenticity.

    Then thank you for the purple text on black, Its much easier on my eyes to read than some colors are. Thank you.

    And finally, woohoo on all your projects. I love them and applaud your risk-taking! Keep quilting. You are such a great fabric artist!


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