In a stunning turn of events...
In a rather fast paced blurr of happenings...

I may be moving in with my best friend into a three bedroom house in the area I left when I split with the ex. I LOVE THAT AREA. Everything is nearby including many of my favorite coffee shops. It's a rental, but we'd be splitting all the bills. I'd end up paying the same as I am now for my one bedroom, average sized, apartment with adjoining neighbors who move in and out on a regular basis. That's one thing I won't miss!

The idea is tantilizing and exciting. She is such a generous, giving, and gifted person...and she has a vehicle she has no problem with me driving. I'll have TRANSPORTATION again! That along makes me so excited I could pee!

Okay...well...I don't want to pee my pants....how about squeal?


But, on the other side of this aweseomsauce coin...

I'm scared!!

I know I sound rediculous...but I've JUST come to terms with living alone.
 I find myself wondering if I am ready for another big move.

And then the worries start...

What happens if we butt heads more than not?

What if I find I DON"T LIKE living with a dag (medium size Jack/Pointer mix)? She is a sweet dog, there is no denying that. And I could take her out on walks with me...and that'll get me out more. There is a park right down the street from our potential rental home.

And if it ends up not working out...will I be able to move back to my current location which I have grown to like?

The last move screwed up my back...I dunno how I am gonna make it through another one.

Everything lined up so quickly, from her finding the listing, to asking in jest if I want to be her room-mate, to me saying yes right away...to going to see the property to having an appointment TODAY to look at the inside of the place. 

It has a fenced in yard. A rather large one. This was something she was looking for, for her dog.

It COMES with a washer and dryer. I've been without for two years and my neighbor friend is planning on moving this summer and I've been going to her place to do laundry. It's a short walk and it's free.

It has a TWO car garage...so half the space has the potential to turn into a workshop & extra storage.

It's a half finished basement. So one half has the possibility of becoming a craft room, the other half has been dubbed "rec room" by the landlord.

THREE bedrooms, and TWO baths...



And a HUGE backlot that is for drainage, but that means no one is right up on us in the back.

Over 2000 square feet between the basement and first floor.

The place really seems dreamy.

It has had two other showings...and they are waiting to hear back from someone by Thursday. 
So there is a chance that we won't get the place.
So I'm trying not to get TOO excited...
Or too SCARED.

Change is hard. 
Unexpected change is HARDER.
I figure I'll just go with the flow...
If it is meant to be...it will be.
I can't waste time on what-if's...

And just think, I never thought I'd ever be living in a HOUSE vs an apartment....


Well the first place we checked out did not pan out. It had some issues.
The upstairs bathroom was TINY, the sink looked like it should be replaced and the bathtub was nasty.
It was listed as two full baths...it's more like a bath and half. The downstairs bath was MUCH bigger.
All the bedrooms were grouped up in a back hallway, but the master was small and then two spares were even smaller. And that back area smelled like poop....nasty.

The basement was nice.
The fireplace was really nice looking but the living room was half of what either of us are living with because of the way the walls are placed. The upstairs was really chopped up by the number of walls. The hallways were also kind of really narrow.

The garage and back yard were awesome.
There's just wasn't a whole lot of room on the upstairs and bedrooms and that was what made the decision to pass final. They were willing to allow us to have chickens though! While that is not on my high priority list, it'll be nice to be able to have some chickens and fresh eggs.

I'm actually quite relieved that it didn't pan out. All this was happening much too fast for my comfort.
My dreams last night were so anxiety filled.

Until next time...
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