Wait just a minute...you have some math to attend to...

Oh, no. Not the dreaded MATH MONSTER!!
There are 10 days left to get this project completed. I get most of my work done on the weekends since I do work full time. I may have to set aside a couple hours after work (except Wednesdays because I work a little later and there is just NO time for anything except cook, eat, bed.) to complete a little bit at a time in between cooking dinner and game time (I play Lord of the Rings Online, Crickhallow server, Balechney, if you are interested in joining myself and the Second Breakfast Kinship in some Middle Earth adventuring, which by the way is free to play. :)

So I got the curling ribbon border figured out and I've been chain-piecing away on it and I now need to figure out how to add it to my Hugs & Kisses piece...

I need, to do, some....


*runs around in circles screaming incoherent obscenities*

Math was never my strong subject, in fact it was my weakest, and even now I
have to sit down, turn everything off and really have a good think about what I need to figure out. If I mull over it long enough, I can figure it out, but it does not come naturally to me. It's a HUGE process I have to go through. So writing it out here will be an easy way for me to refer back to what I have figured out instead of trying to figure out my notes at a later time. Later, my brain won't work so well.



My pieced border blocks are 3.5" x 3.5". Pretty standard.

However, my quilt top is 13.25" wide x 33.25" wide, and my math is calculating fractions that just won't end up in a pretty looking border. A pieced border ending with 2.75" of a  3.5" block...um no.
 Not gonna work with what I have in mind.

For the border to be complete on the long sides I need to take off 1/8th the top and bottom [.25" total] to make it an even 42" long which will accommodate 12 [3.5"] pieced border blocks, not including the 3.5" corner stone.

I need to make the sides LARGER to make an even 14" wide which will accommodate 6 pieced border blocks, not including the corner stones. So then I need to take off my 2" strip border I have already added on and replace it with a 3.25" wide border which will shrink by .50" from the two .25" seam allowances making it  2.75".

13.25 - 2 = 11.25
14 - 11.25 = 2.75
2.75 + .25 (2) = 3.25


I think I have it figured out...I think....

We shall see. You can't see it until it's revealed on the 14th this month for the blog hop.

A couple weekends ago a friend and I went to the local Arboretum and there was a small Art Quilt showing. I was able to get up close and personal with the quilts hanging on the walls so I took some really nice macro's of stitching and quilt details. I was SHOCKED at the selling price of some of them.

The February calendar block is finished and ready to be mailed. It is a completely hand embroidered piece and now I am interested in doing MORE embroidery and stumpwork which I learned about from my last library visit this last weekend.

We both did the same pattern but chose slightly different thread colors.

Ironically, we both added some seed beads to the pattern!!

Great minds!

Photos to come later!

Until next time...
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  1. Every once in awhile I come across a situation in quilting that requires math skills and have to stop everything, just like you said. I am really looking forward to seeing your finished quilt project. You go grrrl.


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