Mail drop! Goodies!!!


The mail has finally come!

The past week I have only recieved one peice of mail, and it was junk mail. I had three packages that should have arrived earlier this week, but, to my growing concern they were not arriving. My small apartment mailbox remained empty all week this week and this is a highly suspicious thing. In the current area I live in, a small town between two larger ones, I get junk mail flyers EVERY DAY. Every. Day. A day does not go by when I do not get some sort of mail.

So when a week goes by and nothing is delivered....I started to get concerned.

I had new checks coming in the mail as well.

So yesterday, I went and filed a complaint on the USPS website and reported that I have not had mail delivered in 4 days while a friend who lives not that far from me (a block...maybe two) has been getting mail. I cannot fathom the reasons why my mail would not be getting delivered.

And this morning, three of the four packages I was expecting arrived all at once. Murphy's law hard at work? Or did the concern reach my local post office overnight?

No idea but I am glad they finally arrived. The fabric order I placed with equilter.com *two weeks ago* was among those packages. Such pretty fabrics and they are thick, good quality fabrics. I love the variety of novelty fabrics on equilter and I also like the fact that they donate a percentage of their profits to one of five charities, from each order and to the one the customer chooses. I chose Doctors Without Borders.

I have been eagerly awaiting this Asian Hawk print, the last yard of it, from the year end sale at equilter. It's gorgeous and I absolutely love it.

Then I got a box of goodies from Bellezza that held not only the January calendar block "Chinese New Year", but also home-made Sicilian Chocolate & Pepper cookies and Anise Pizzelles, a statue of a horse (for the Chinese New year, which is Horse this year), a wonderfully awesome Goddess ornament from a local art establishment in Techachipi California, more of that wonderful tan fabric I love to use for backings on smaller quilted projects like candle mats, some more batting pieces for said smaller projects.

WOWZA! The cookies are delicious! Here is the block I sent for Janurary, it's a snowy evergreen. I wanted something that said, last leg of winter. In another month or so, winter will finally start fading into a distant memory as Spring comes once again. I cannot wait. Google added the snow automatically, which I think is awesomesauce!!

Here is one of the placemats that I am finishing up for last years Pay it Forward gifts...that I am just now getting to. LOL!

I have several Jelly rolls that are mostly pinks, greens and yellows  (click link for photo of those fabrics) that I want to put together in this pattern that I found in the book Layer Cake, Jelly Roll,and Charm Quilts by Pam & Nicky Lintott that I checked out from the library. It's called "Hidden Wells". I think I will add some solid, darker green strips to the rolls for a bit more contrast.

Ironically, there is a tutorial for this pattern found at the MooseStash Quilting blog. Found it when I did a search for finished quilts in using this pattern. Nice!

That's all for this post. I'm working on a petti-coat tote bag for a friends' daughters birthday this month. Photos of that project to come! I have so many projects I want/need to do...I think I need a flipping " to do" list!!

Until next time...
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