Skulls Petticoat Tote Bag

When I first came upon this idea, I had stumbled across a random pattern on the interwebz for $4. 

So  I researched a little more, and absorbed more photos and watched a couple youtube videos.

And low and behold...the idea took shape and a plan came together.

This has been made for a friends daughters bday. She's in that goth phase that most teenagers go through and she is turning 14. So while this is kind of girly...it's kind of not. Along with this awesomesauceness of a tote, I am also getting her the book Teen Makup: Looks to match your every mood since she also got a ton of makeup for Yule. That is still on it's way. I hope she likes the tote and even if she doesn't, it was a fun project to put together. .It's was almost like an art journal page...put onto a tote because I added one thing, then another thing came to mind, then another and another...and there it was! 

Until next time...
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