New iron and good samaritans...

YAY! I have a new iron!

I took the plunge and splurged on a new iron and boy...is it ever so much better than my old one!!

I decided on the Oliso Pro after deciding not to get a Rowenta after hearing that all models leak. The reviews for this one were pretty mixed but decided to try it anyways. It's really nice. It has a nice smooth finish, POWERFUL steam pulses (they push the iron on the highest steam setting), and a nice long 12 foot cord with a 360 swivel.

But there is more than this story that meets the eye...see I bought this on a friends Amazon Prime account because we are best buds and share just about everything. Prime has two day shipping. LOVE IT! I bought it from the Warehouse Deals which is basically the Amazon liquidation store. Anything that is marred (packaging or product) but in good working order is listed for less than full price. So the first one I purchased was $80 off the MSRP. It was listed as being repackaged and without a manual but was "thoroughly tested and in perfect working order". I can live with that.

But when it arrived, Wednesday, the iron was wrapped in a ziplock baggie and was WET from the INSIDE out. I can only assume that was from testing the steam function and the water was not completely drained out before packing it up for shipping.

Great. So I let it sit to dry out.

When I plugged it in everything seemed to be working just fine until I went to test the lifts.



Unplugged it and tried again, three times. Each time it emitted the same grinding and clicking noises and the lifts were stuck in the extended position and they were not retracting. Well, that's not useful!! I tried to take the butt-plate off to take a look at the gears and see if it was something I could simply tweek to get it working again. Well, not knowing how this thing is put together, the butt-plate only came partially off and I didn't want to break it and make it non-returnable so I put the screws back in and called Amazon.

The customer rep was very helpful in issuing an immediate refund and helping me order a second one with free one day shipping. This time I chose one from the warehouse that was not repackaged or missing anything. The listing said only the retail packaging was damaged. Who cares about the box?! It was $20 more than the first one, but...it's was still a good $60 off.

Okay so that was ordered and it came the next day, Thursday and the refund came through today, Friday.

Wow. How I love this thing! It's a new toy, but I needed a hotter iron.

Now about the returning of the defective one...

Well...the customer rep listed the item as lost in the mail and never received...

And I have yet to get a return mailing label.

So I'm wondering if they are simply not going to be bothered with it since it is broken.

I'm thinking if I don't get an email by next week. I will mail it to the manufacturer who HAS sent me a post-paid mailing label to have it repaired since it is under warranty.

When I get it back, I shall mail it to by quilting buddy Bellezza. No since in having two of these things.

She will LOVE it. I'm sure of it.

Good Samaritan alert!

If you don't know, I am a Paratransit Specialist and I drive the short school bus. I love the job, been through three companies (following the work as one company left the city and the other lost the city contract) and have been driving professionally for 11 years now.

Well we had a late winter storm move in, and this kind man who comes everyday to pick up his son had stashed a snow shovel in his car. He shoveled from the sidewalk to my passenger door and then proceeded to shovel up to the bus in front of me who picks up a kiddo in a wheelchair. I have no kiddos in wheelchairs at this school we were at.  I just thought this was the most awesome thing ever. He didn't have to do anything. It certainly wasn't his job. This was a good reminder that there still are good people in the world. Kudos to him for being one of them!

I have a good hour and half between routes in the morning so I have been working on some 1 inch hexagons while killing time at one of the local cafe's I visit. I really like these as a travel project to work on and they bast up really quick while listening to a book on tape or watching Good Mythical Morning on youtube. I punch the shapes at home with a Fiskers Hex punch, then glue them with stick glue to fabric. Cut those up and pack them into a ziplock baggie along with my travel needlebook, scissors, and thread.

I've been going through my scraps a lot lately and I have SO MANY scraps. I just don't know what to do with them. Any ideas?

Until next time...
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