Mug Rugs and other thangs

Yay Mug Rugs arrived from my friend Bellezza!
I LOVE the pink and spring theme. (click for larger photos)
Such TINY patchwork!!

I finally got the ones done to send back to her. My sciatica has been really grumpy lately. I've been to the chiropractor twice in the last two weeks trying to get it tweaked. Things are changing. I'll be 36 this month and it's beginning to look like the next year is gonna be a lesson in pain tolerance.


I got this book from the library Called Art Quilt Workbook: Exercises in Techniques to Ignite Your Creativity and I really like it. It's also great for art journaling in general. I've put it on my wish list to purchase in the near future.

And someone please tell me, why doesn't Fiskars make a pinking rottery blade?! I want to get some pinking sheers, but I use the rottery cutter more than not now-a-days so I would have to buy an Olfa brand cutter and pinking blade if I want that. I priced them out at Joanns, and I have to say...that is a pricey brand. At least, at Joanns it is. I can find what I want online for half the cost of the cutter ($18) and blade ($16). Even with their coupons it is simply cheaper to buy from Amazon.com because from there, I would only pay $21 TOTAL for them both with free shipping. I am buying more and more off Amazon because the prices are simply better.

Another friend and I share an Amazon Prime account, so with that there is always free two day shipping. I can wait a two days for the savings.

I'm trying my hand at designing my own applique patterns. I wanted to do a crocus but couldn't find a pattern I was happy with. Let's face it, patchwork crocus looks NOTHING like a crocus in my mind. LOL!!

So I took out one of my many hand-made art journals and found an image on Goggle to get the general shape from. Then I had to simplify it because appliqueing tiny pieces makes my back hurt simply thinking about it!

Well, it came out great! I just need some purple thread to zigzag the raw edges so they don't fray or peel.

I did some thread work to make the leaves and the fabric puckered a bit from that even though I did adhere some interfacing to the back of it before hand. Guess I need something stiffer like tear away stabilizer.  I can't wait to show it to you when it's completely done!

Other than those things nothing much happening here other than MORE SNOW. 

When will it end!!

I want spring!!

Until next time...
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