Denim quilt update

Just a quick update on the log cabin denim upcycle project while I wait around between my routes this morning.

Round one of the denim strips are done. I found I had to starch the denim because of its stretchiness. A couple of the outside cotton fabric strips are warping too, not sure what is going on there but not gonna worry about it at this point. I am thoroughly enjoying the chain piecing process. I've been working on them from about 5pm till the plant lights go off, around 8pm. Got a nice chunk done yesterday. This is the first big project that I have done since getting the new iron. It is SO MUCH BETTER than the old one. I don't spend nearly as much time trying to get the strips to lay flat after pressing. I guess it really was time for a new iron. And it really does go faster without having to set the iron up on end each time. My upper back thanks me for that too. :-)

With the use of the inversion table I am having less and less upper back tension. There for a bit I was starting to dread sitting at the machine because of it.  My sciatica is still a bother at times. It hurts when I start walking but subsides after a while. Same with sitting. I'm weird I guess.

I think I am gonna try picking tatting up again, if only to keep me busy on my morning break. I've been brushing up on my needle tat skeelz. There are so many more videos on YouTube on it now, I'm amazed and quite enthused.


  1. your work is amazing! I can hardly wait to see your tatting too

  2. Stunning juxtaposition with the orange fabrics and the blue denims. Tatting??? I am so wanting to learn to tat but I do better one on one with a teacher. No luck with DVDs or YouTube so far for me. Creative Bliss...


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