Oye, late season chest cold...

I almost made it all winter without ANY illness....
And then my routes were switched on me and I got a bus load of coughing spec ed students who don't understand the cover-your-mouth-when-you-cough practice...

And after two weeks, my body gave in to the thick air of germs being coughed out twice daily.


So I have been dealing with that since early last week and it went straight to my lungs. I ALWAYS get walking pneumonia when I get sick. Never fails. I can feel the liquid and hear it rattle and I HATE it. So I am self treating with leftover antibiotics from the kidney infection from last year. They are helping but everytime I cough, I need to blow my nose. When I blow my nose, I cough more, and sometimes harder. When I cough hard, I piss myself. I cannot stop every time my bladder gets a little full to take a piss so I am wearing panty liners to help control the mess....to some degree.

Needless to say I am ready to be done with this crap. We got another cold snap here in Wisconsin...that is not helping ONE BIT. I cough even more when I get out in the cold.

Come on Spring!!!

I did buy the Tammy Bag pattern and I put that together Sunday. The pattern is very precise and very clear. I had no problems at all putting it together and it is quite large on the inside. I am not happy about the floppy inside pockets. If I make this again, I shall use interfacing on the lining. 
I am waiting for a purse frame ordered online to arrive because the local shops don't have anything decent to use that doesn't have HUGE bead clasps. So ugly those are. I made this to take my tatting with me on the go so it won't get groudy. I'll be working with white thread. 

A proud Pooping Princess

And you know, we find the strangest things at Joanns, my friend and I do. We went there on my Birthday last Saturday and we say this.
Pooping Princesses. "I poop Candy!!" the package proudly states.
I mean, really? You know this came from China because it's just so out there. Why yes, I've always wanted a pooping princess candy dispenser...NOT.


Another friend and I went halfzies on a box of oranges direct from Florida. It only took one day to arrive! We ordered from Sun-Ripe Fruit. It's a seasonal thing as they are only available this time of year. We bough the hybrid Temples because that was the only kind available this late. The box held 40 of them for the low cost of $25 and only $5 to ship.They are like eating a bottle of orange juice, only better!! SO JUICY! I can't eat them because of the antibiotics...damned it!

St Patty's Party Fun
Left to right: Me, Susan, Jeff in the back (Ti's Hubby), Kieara, Ti
Some St Patty's day shinnaygins at a friends house last Friday. We all dawned our best green mustache faces for a group photo. LOL! 

Projector screen Hide-a-Design-Wall

I am almost done with the log cabin denim squares. Photos on that soon. I am also wanting to get a design wall up. The only place I really have room for it is in the bedroom on the closet doors, or hanging in front of 
them. I've seen several ideas on Pinterest including a roll-up one (that is on a screen thing...easily DIY-able)

Curtain Rod Design Wall.

I also saw this idea. Hang the wall on a curtain rod so it can slide out of the way.

Other ideas include but are never limited to covering insulation panels, cardboard, and/or hardboard sheets.

I found them on this Pinterest Board.

I love Pinterest and I can lose myself there sometimes.

So many projects, so little time and energy. 
Every multi-crafters dilemma.

Until next time...
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