Hiding the chaos and National Quilt Day

 National Quilt Day has come and gone by the celebrations continue all weekend. The Quilt Show (.com) is offering a free viewing of all thier quilting shows through the weekend (until Sunday at midnight). I've been watching some of the applique videos.
Oh, the chaos! 

Do you see this chaos?  This is one of my messier cubical storage shelves. It's just really chaotic and I don't like seeing it. I've decided that I want to hide with some orphan block curtains. What better way to use them!!

Orphan Blocks

They are almost the perfect size, a bit of black sashing to frame the blocks will make them just big enough. I
figure I will sew on some muslin backing and turn right side out to hide the seams. I'm sure there is a word for it, I can't remember right this moment. I have plenty of velcro and most of it is 1" or wider. So cut those in half and it will last even longer. 

Weeeee, upside down!

Oh look at me on my inversion table!! 
My back is SO much happier now. It's very relaxing to get that backwards stretch on. It came unassembled
and the damned box was 52 pounds and a real bugger to drag through the door.  

Tammy Bag

And I really need something to take with me to work on during my long morning breaks. I'm thinking of getting my tatting back out. I've been itchin to do that again. Oh the multi-crafters delima. LOL And I want to make this "Tammy Bag" to put it in.

Cause I really need another thing to make, right?


And I am really getting sick of the design flaws of blogger. It's really hard to get the photos positioned where I want them. Grrrrrrr

Until next time...
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