I'm excited about this one!!

I saw this on pinterest the other day it was love at first sight!

I have several pairs of old jeans that have been waiting for a while on the side lines to be repurposed. My friends are even offering their old jeans to me to chop!


I LOVE the colors and the fact that red and blue are opposites and yet look good together makes this a fantastic combination that is exciting to the eyes....or at least mine anyways.

I'm an Aries. I love all things fire.

I also have several water signs in my birth chart. So then I love all things blue and ocean-y as well.

This appeals to both.

So I got to work cutting up those jeans this afternoon but I soon discovered that my strips were coming out bowed at the folds. Hmmmm...not quite sure how to work around that. the pieces are irregular and quite large since my ass is also large. I guess I have to square up the pieces before trying to strip cut them. I need that book Log Cabin Quilt in a Day book to tell me what sizes of strips I need.

Of all the patterns and choices out there...this one has caught the apple of my eye and the pounding beat to my heart.

It's Wednesday and that means it's gaming and wine night. I work an extra long day on Wednesdays and I've been coming home with quite the pain in my arse. Stretching is helping some. I usually end up taking 3 IBU during the course of the day, usually around noonish, and just ignore the discomfort until I can come home and medicate further with stuff I can't drive on when the pain becomes too much. Wine also helps numb the discomfort. Since there is not much time to do much of anything before I hit the hay, I've dedicated Wednesdays to jumping in Lord of the Rings Online and drinking wine. This week it is Black Box brand Red Elegance. Sweet potatoes are baking in the oven and parmesan crusted perch is soon to follow. Easy peasy.

What kind of wines do you enjoy that you can recommend? I like dry to semi-sweet wines.

Until next time...

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  1. Fantastic quilt. I love how you are repurposing jeans fabric. Excellent fiery colors with the blues. Creative Quilting Bliss...

  2. This is going to be a great quilt that you will love and every challenge will endear it to you as you meet the challenge and thrive past it.

  3. So nice that you like my quilt. You can find a tutorial on this one on my blog. Welcome to see and learn.

  4. Totally! I've been studying your method of putting the blocks together. The denim strips are 2 1/2 wide and the fabric scraps are 1 1/2 wide. I like it. I like it A LOT!


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