It looks like a lot...

I haz denim stripzzzzzz

...But I know I will need lots more.

I only had two pairs to cut. Denim can be a bit fickle when cutting it. The small bows in some of the strips were easily fixed with some a hot steam iron. I had a couple that were REALLY wavy and those had to go into the scrap pile.

I have been studying how the blocks were put together on the site I linked in the previous post and I discovered that the jean strips are cut 2.5" wide and the orange strips are 1.5". There are more colored strips pieced together than denim and I like how it looks.

I'm glad I had the forethought to look over the posts before continuing otherwise I would have cut the orange strips 2.5" wide as well. She visited the blog today and left a comment! Eeeee!! An active blogger?! Whuuuut?

HA! I say that because a lot of blogs I end up on are no longer actively maintained. I've been there, I can understand the spontaneousness of blogging. I was there a couple years ago.
OOOoo crazy quilt material!

Speaking of scraps...I'm thinking crazy quilt with these scraps!

And I have the crazy motivation to declutter. I want to declutter so bad. SO BAD.

Spring has to come soon, right? I mean, if I am itching to unnecessarily clean, then spring must be near.

I can cut for 20 min or so and then my upper backs starts to be bothersome. Then I lay on the floor and pop my back in several places and stretch.  

Onto cutting some orange strips!

Until next time...

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  1. So fun you'll make this. I'm following your progress. Just remember to put two rounds of orange between each round of denim. You'll see it clearly in my step-to-step tuto.

  2. I am impressed with all of your denim fabric you have been able to gain from cutting old jeans. Very helpful for "tubakk" to be following and helping you with this fabulous quilt. Creative Stitching Bliss...


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