Rag rug weaving and Mystery Quilt update

It's Mystery Quilt Thursday! A new weekly post? Maybe.
Clue #2 came out last Thursday and I am currently working on the #3 which came out today on the "Just Us Quilters" Facebook group. I am LOVING this MQ thing. It's my first one yea know. And once again I cannot align my text the way I want to because of blogger's finicky issues....grrrrr.
MQ Clue #2

Rag strips!
Rags, rags, rags. Two old sheets of mine that have pills and are too ruff for my sensitive skin have been torn into strips for weaving into a rag rug.

On the loom

The old Navajo Loom came out from storage and got dusted off and retied. All the ropes holding the sticks together and loosened from a couple years of non-use and being moved about.  I have no wall space left to mount it up on the wall like I had it at the old place so I tied it to my warping frame made from 2x4's for added support. It looks wonky, but it's not. I really need to find a different stick for the left side. That bowed stick is not helping any. I made this years and years ago when I first tried to do Navajo style weaving. Needless to say, that interest came and went but I kept the loom "just in case" I ever wanted to try weaving on it again. Glad I kept it.

Spring break starts next week. I hope to get a lots done around the apartment, garden and quilting. I am also having to change employment again as the school contract switched companies, again. It's switched back to a company I've worked for before, but one which I don't care for and is shady. I am hearing all sorts of bad things about the company I am driving for now, coming from ex-employees and currently alike. Dunno what to think about that as I have never had any issues. But then again, I don't hang out at the terminal and I don't get involved with inner office politics. Here's my paper work, have a great day, bye! I don't care about anything else. I just want to do my job, get paid, be happy, go home, do some handicraft and go to bed. 

I am really tired of having to deal with establishing into a new company so I have been exploring other transportation job options. One of which is driving for a local coop cab company. I have never driven cab so it will be something new and exciting, and scary. I've considered driving a city transit bus, but I am not all that eager to try it and it scares me more than considering a cabbie job.

My one very big obstacle right now is GETTING to a new job. The nearest city bus stop to where I currently reside is several miles away. I could bike or walk, but that's a long way to walk and I really don't want to risk damaging my expensive bike on the bike rack in front of the bus. It's my only mode of getting around when I am off work. Cabs cost A LOT and just to go 8 miles into the next city is effin $15. Pshhhh!!! Crazy.

I'm not sure what I am gonna do. I do know that I am gonna take some time out to meditate and consult a tarot deck for guidance. Might ask a friend to do a reading for me because it's hard to stay objective when reading for myself. 

Until next time...
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