Thursday MQ, Some Collaging, Monthly Blocks, and MORE !

 My friend and I, Bellezza, are going this Halloween village collage piece. We exchanged some fabrics for it so we could contribute, in a way, to the others work. I had a really hard time with it in the beginning. I was resisting SOMETHING, just not sure what. But every time I sat down to try to lay out the pieces....I got frustrated and had to walk away. I think it was the chaos of the unorderly pieces. I can't quite put my figure on it but I concurred it, or it concurred me, and here it is almost finished. I'm going shopping for tulle tomorrow to cover the piece with and quilt it.

 And Mystery Quilt! Here is the step completed for last weeks clue. The instructions said to trim to 10.5 and while the blocks SHOULD be 10.5, neither mine nor Bellezza's were. There were a lot of peeps on the group saying theirs were not measuring up to 10.5. Each strip is 2.5, with seems, it SHOULD be 10.5 but most of mine were 10.25 or less. So, whatever. It will be what it will be. I'll just add some borders to make it bigger.
This weeks clue involved a faulty graphic which didn't coordinate with the instructions so there was a flurry of messages wondering why the instructions said this but the graphic was different. I dunno about you, but I NEED graphical references alongside of instruction text. It's helpful. The lady who is doing this MQ....not so much. She was yelling (all caps = YELLING/EMPHASIS) to read the instructions. Well, obviously we all had and a lot of the quilters were still confused! Not a very good teacher if you ask me. People ask for help, you don't yell at them to go read the directions...jeepers. Gosh. We are quilters of many different levels. Anyways, I wanted to word slap her, but instead I simply stated the facts above about needing graphics to MATCH the instructions. OH but it's not her fault, they were published that way...oh wait, you guys got the black and white copy....geee....who did that I wonder??
The color copy is clearer, she says....


Received: "After the Rain"


April calendar blocks arrived!!!

Sent: "April Showers"

Saturday is the first class for a monthly block party at a quilt shop nearly 40 minutes away. My friend asked me if I was interested in joining her and her Step Mother. It was only $10 for the next year (if you come every month) so of course I said yes!! Can't wait! We are going to grab breakfast before class so it should be a grand ol'time!

I haven't done much quilting over the last week. I was so excited for the week off and then it came and I've been either too tired or too depressed to work on anything. Ahhh depression, such a lovely affliction. NOT. I did get the kitchen cleaned up that I have been struggling to get caught up on since getting ill. And I have started on my tatting...which I forgot to take a photo of. I'll save that for Saturday's post.

Until next time...
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  1. I am so excited for you to get into this class! Of course, all the things we swap and share add incredibly to my own quilting skills. I love how you laid out the April block you sent me and will be sure to align it that way when I finish my Calendar Quilt.


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