Another late Tuesday Art Journal

You Make Life Sweet

So the prompt last week was "You make Life Sweet"

I resisted this one SO much and procrastinated in getting it done. The suggested page was done with a cupcake, which was really cute, but I didn't want to focus on food. That's not what makes my life sweet. What makes my life sweet is the life I find outdoors. The wonder, the joy, the growth, the harvesting...life outside inspires me.

So I spent one afternoon peeling through a bunch of magazine. I have a years worth of Home and Garden and in my humble opinion, that magazine is not worth the paper it's printed on. I'll never get another sub to it. It's all ads and the actual content is ho-hum. One page of actual content to 5 pages of ads. BUT, the entire magazine is printed in brilliant color and is a smorgasbord of wonderful imagery. After digging through several I found You, Make, and Sweet. I couldn't find life but I was starting to get more of an idea of what I wanted to create. So I took the page the crocus came off of, which was still full of green, and cut out big, bold letters for the word I was missing.


Then I found some other images that just fit right in.

Have you noticed a theme to most of my journal pages? What do you think my life centers around?


They don't discriminate. They don't hate. They don't judge.They simply grow to live and live to grow, inadvertently bringing joy to the world in all manners of ways. By way of the fruit they grow, the flowers that bloom, the leaves that soak up the sun-rays. Oh dear, I'm getting sentimental here!

So I spied a word I want to journal about....
I think I can come up with a pretty kick ass magical page for that one.

Until next time...
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