Thankful Thursday

This week, I am thankful for my BED. Once upon a time, when I first moved out on my own from my collapsed relationship with the ex, I slept on a pull out sleeper sofa "bed". It wasn't all that uncomfortable, once I got used to it. But I love my bed in the bedroom. I sleep so well now without having to deal with another person's sleep disorders. I am THANKFUL that I can have a BED to nest into at night. Not everyone has such a luxury.

What are YOU thankful for this week?

Until next time...
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  1. I'm thankful for something I completely take for granted: My body! Sometimes I find myself wishing I had a bigger this or a smaller that. I have to remind myself that even though it may not look like I want it to, there is nothing broken and it works just fine. There are too many peeps out there w/either disabilities or ailments, peeps who can't walk, or run, or even just hug somebody. I can do all these things and then some and I'm very thankful!


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