Art Journal Tuesday

Forgot to post my art journal Tuesday so it's a day late.
I've really fallen back in love with art journaling, so I guess I can cross that off my list of things to do/accomplish! I've gone through the art supplies I have for years and years and discovered quite a lot that I had forgotten that I had. I love painting bubbles too. They are so fun!! I discovered a lot of my ink pads are pretty darn dry, BUT I learned that you can make a glycerin spray to rehydrate them and it doesn't dilute the ink!! I also bought a quart of glycerin to make a "Gelli" plate to play with. Directions for both of those can be found on youtube made by the FrugalCrafter.
7.5.14 Journal Promt from Art Journaling 101 - Inspire Me (facebook group)
Do you see the sea horses?
Mooshed some acrylic paint between two pages and that's what I got. This is an intuitive painting technique.

"Imagination is the eye of the Soul"
This is the result of the paint smoosh from above.

Stamped fairy with resist ink and water colored over it. The ink from the resist seems to have absorbed the water color creating an awesome effect on the watercolor paper.
"Dream, Nurture, Create, Cultivate Love"
magazine clipping, acrylic paints, metallic textured paper, ant punch, stencil, stamps, ink

Home made Plantain salve
The plantain in the garden was HUGE this year so I harvested a bunch and myself some healing wound salve with olive oil and beeswax along with an alcohol based tincture.

Ginormico Plantain!

I have a lot more to post about so I am gonna do several different posts since this one is already quite a but long.

Until next time...
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