Quilting shenanigans

"Summer in the Park"
I made this over the July 4th weekend since there was really nothing else to do over the weekend. It was fun to do and could theoretically be done in a day. But after sewing for nearly 5 hours on the strips, my back was hurting so I could not go any further.
So I shared it with a quilting group on facebook and made a one word comment as to where the jelly roll was acquired.

The shenanigans that ensued from that ONE negative word was quite unbelievable. Never-mind the awesome pattern that the post was for...no, let's focus on that comment about...HOBBY LOBBY.

I called them misogynistic. The exact wording was "sadly, the jelly roll was purchased from Hobby Lobby years before I knew they were misogynistic"
That was IT. That's all I said. And it is my opinion of the source of the fabric and that was all. It was not meant to start a shit storm.

Here's a bit of FACT on this bit of SHIT.

Facts, yo.
So you are not BLINDED by the lies

Now I don't normally get all political on this here blog, because there is plenty of that elsewhere to find and read. I could not get over that some near sighted wimmin are actually FOR this. It's so SAD. You can't claim religious freedom just to limit the freedoms of others!! What kind of backwards country is this?? We are so backwards here in the USA. Yes, yes we are.

My personal belief is that there is room enough on this planet of ours for every religion from every culture, however...there is NO tolerance for one that wants to hold power over people and claim it's their "religious freedom" to do so. BULLSHIT. It's not religious freedom when you force your doctrines onto people who may, or may not, believe the same way and in turn this effects their own freedom of choice. It's complete idiocy! 
Anyways, I took no part in the discussions that ensued on my post, and as time went on (12 hours) the posts got more and more hostile. Finally the group "administrator" ORDERED me to amend my post or remove it then proceeded to lecture me on how the group was not for posting of political agendas.

Mind you, there was NOTHING political about the post other than my one word description about where I obtained my fabric some years ago before I learned of that places agenda against wimmin. *I* was not the one fueling the comments on the post. *I* was not encouraging anyone to say anything. People saw that one word and went CRAZY.

Needless to say I don't think I will be posting there anymore.

Here is a capture of the conversation that went on. And no, I did not blot out the names. It's an open group and they made the choice to turn MY POST into a political discussion. Read from right to left. The right column was the first comments. Mostly positive. AND THEN, someone had to go there. They HAD to put in their two cents about the whole HL bull-shittery. They made that choice all on their own. And I swear these people have some impulse control issues. Once one person said something, THEY ALL had to say something.

Crazy town

I am very saddened by how people chose to react to my post. I am also so very saddened by the blinders some of them have on. Sheep.

So I removed the line of opinion from my post and the group "administrator" removed all the comments that contained opinions on HL.

I'm going to try to get it all pieced together tonight and cut a border. I would like the border to have mitered corners. I have the PERFECT floral fabric for the border that I got from JOANNS clearance fabrics that were half off the half offs. Now THAT is always a great deal to take advantage of.

Until next time...
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