Thankful Thursday!

 So I've slacked on the blog, or rather, I lost interest in it for a time. It's been super nice weather here in my area so I've been bike riding, gardening and crafting. This is going to be a longer post than usual, so if you have time, I hope you can stay. :)

This weekend I will be participating in my first fundraiser "race" run/walk 5K. I'm a little excited!

Two weeks ago I biked 40 miles (total)  to one of the neighboring cities that has a Quilt shop. It was one of the most pleasant and beautiful bike rides I have ever taken, and the longest. I've only done 20 in one day. I was very ambitious that day. I did hurt some the next day, but I was not as sore as I had expected to be which was a real bonus. Everyone along the route, which seems to be a popular one for local bicyclists, said Hi to me. Every. Single. One. You don't get that kind of interaction in the city where everyone is GRR-GRRR GET OUT OF THE WAY MOFO!
Bike ride booty!
I dunno if I will be doing it again this year, but you never know. I did bring home five fall themed fat quarters from the quilt shop and stopped by a shop called "Believe" . I noticed the store front window had incense and I ran out of Frankinmyrrh some time ago. So despite the fact that I was famished and needed to get my sugars up, I stopped in. I had a nice chat with the store owner who told me they do metaphysical consignment  (wands, tarot cards, runes, incense, etc-etc). That's neat!! So I mentioned that I do intuitive paintings. She seemed really interested so I just emailed photos to her of the ones I have. I really need to get some more made. I still have a hard time parting with my creations. It sometimes feels like a betrayal of sorts. I brought you into existence and now I give you away, not because I don't want you but because I want to make money. It's really a lesson in letting go...it's taken a while to let go of my previous relationship and even though now and again I think about it, it no longer triggers an ache in my heart. I have to let it go in order to allow something new, and better, into my life. Right? That's what they say, anyways. When I asked her where was good to eat that wasn't fast food, she referred me to the Koffee Kup down the road. I had a delicious bacon cheeezboogar.

Waffle Time!

Here is a Waffle Time pattern done with the pumpkin print I bought at the quilt shop I bicycled to. It's really pretty! This is just the top, haven't quilted it yet.

Summer in the Park

Remember that top I was working on that caused such a stir in one of the facebook quilting groups because I mentioned how mmisogynistic Hobby Lobby has become?

Well here is that top all done. They did help me pick the borders, which are mitered (pain in the ass that was).

Again, I found the pattern on youtube.

I've also been canning up some garden produce, beans and 8 pounds of cherries delivered by Sun-Ripe Fruits. I've gotten peaches from them as well and their produce is always top notch for less than grocery store prices.

So this week, I am thankful for the ability to take off on a random adventure. Not everyone is able. So I am very grateful to be able.

What are you grateful for this week?

Until next time...
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  1. My gratitude sometimes feels boundless. And so to reply to one thing that I felt grateful for this week is that my neighbor dogs seem to be barking less for whatever reason. That is a huge thing in my life. The sound of yipping dogs had been fracturing my peaceful mornings and evenings and any cessation is a joy.


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