Art Journal Tuesday!

So what have I been doing in Art Journaling, you may ask. 

Well let me show you!! I've joined swap-bot.com and I've started swapping through that site. I've been burned on more than one occasion so you could call be swap shy, but I still but my best into every swap.

Journal Page Swap #1

This page came about when I joined my first swap on swap-bot. I got the theme from, my latest six pack of all things. It was called  "Satin Solitude" imperial stout. So I cut out a few elements from the packaging and used those as my basis for the page. Background was done with a home-made gelli-plate, acrylics, ink, stamps.

Journal page Swap #2

A page that popped up from a gelli-print. The swap isn't ready to assign partners yet, but it's ready to go anyways!

Card to Mom

Mom and I have not been on the best of terms since she called me one night and told me "I love you, but fuck you" (she had gone off her meds....again) but I still send her cards and recently I have been itchin to get back to paper crafting This card was made from one of the gelli plate prints I have made, and stickers because I am multi-media like that. We don't chat on the phone anymore because of that one phone call, she's an abuser, but we still stay in contact via snail mail. This way, she can't call me constantly and harass me and call me names for no reason. It's all linked into her illness and I know this, but it can still be hard sometimes. I miss her and I miss the times when her mind was less fractured. 

These are some prints from my home-made gelli-print. It's very fun now that I have it in a permanent mold, an old rusty baking pan. It's been sitting out for weeks and it hasn't dried up yet!
A fellow spiritualist and I are swapping some mono-print pages on swap-bot as well.

I love the outlined images resulting from the foam stamps I used.

On this one, I took what I was pulling from the plate on the stamps and adding it to am earlier ghost print. 

In other news, I'm searching for a farming man to hook up with on farmersonly.com. I keep getting old geezers liking my profile. One even looked a lot like my dad in his younger years. Gross. I've specificed that I am not a follower of any mainstream religious bruhaha....and I get all sorts of lookings, but no contact. 
Some would say I am TOO STRONG of a gal to attract any man, but I won't believe that bull-shit. I am strong willed. There's no denying that. That will NEVER change. I won't put up with what I have in the past. You have to let me be free to explore whatever path draws me, even if you think I will fail, because that is what makes me happy. My man will also support those endeavors, and hold me close at night and tell me what a wonder I am. I need a feminist man. LOL!!!

I hope to find a farming man. I really am drawn to the farmers life. But I have to find the right kind of man that will allow me to follow what interests me and do what most would consider "the man's work" on a farm. I want to do all the "guy" jobs and I am experiencing quite a bit of gender discrimination in the market I am looking to keep going in and it really pisses me off. 


Until next time...
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