Zentangle and book making

 I joined a swap recently to make a mini (3") book with stab binding. At first I didn't want to swap, but as I started watching youtube tutorials on stab binding, the more I wanted to make one.

So I did. The theme was Recycle (R3) so the book had to be made from re-purposed materials. The cover on mine is made from the cardboard backing that the Gelatos color packs come on. It was large enough for both covers and quite sturdy. Then I took some orange paint and gave them a painting over. Next I took some orange tissue paper (I keep all the tissue paper that I get from shopping or gifts to reuse) and then smooshed (my favorite craft word) it up on the board which was covered in a rather thick layer of mod podge. That created random wrinkles that I just love! Once that dried I took some gold Lumiere paint (Jacquard) and brushed that on then wipped some off with a dry paper towel while it was still wet so that some of the orange underneath would show through. Lastly, I took some black paint and rubbed it on like you would with Buff-n-Rub to get it into the recessed areas. This created a slightly antiqued look. It came out very awesome.

The lady I sent it too is very excited to see it in person and right she should be because I put a lot of effort into my swap pieces. So when I get something back that looks "lazy" from swappers...it just makes me all frazzled. But, as one of my friends pointed out (to my surprise), she said that my artwork is very spiritual and not everyone expresses art in that way. She's very right about that and I was honored to hear someone say they noticed that in my artwork. I dunno what I would do without my friends in my life. They bring to me such a different perspective that I would never see on my own....cause I'm an Aries...and that's just how we are.

There was a Zentangle "class" at one of the local libraries here recently and this is what I made in the two hours we were there. I love it! We also got a rock to Zentangle. Mine is rather large. I like rocks, so...this rocked. LOL!!

Until next time...
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  1. I just love your pretty little hand made book - I would love to try that one day! And your zentangle art is lov ely.

    1. Thanks Sharyn! These little ones are super easy and only about an hour to make.


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