Crafty Saturday

Wow what a day it has been. Went to the quilt shop to pick up the next quilt block pattern in the Block of the Month Club....and bought a couple fat quarters...I couldn't help myself. Oh so pretty, feel good, fabric!!

When I got home, I was setting up to do some sewing when I saw something in one of the canvases I had prepped the other day for intuitive work. I didn't see anything right away so I set it, and the other one, aside to work on another day. Today was that day!

I did notice the big fiery looking splotch there...but nothing else really popped out for me until today. So the sewing project was put aside. When I see it, I am COMPELLED to fill it in. I can't describe it other compulsion. It's a "must be done NOW" feeling.


Tis okay. When I am in that moment where my sole focus is the canvas, everything else melts away. The stress, the worry....the fucking noisy neighbors....put on some good tunes and I am oblivious to the world outside of my Craft Cave.

And I did try to document the process but my camera kept turning off after about three minutes of filming. Not entirely sure why as it has never been so damned picky before. After the third time of it falling off it's precarious perch on top of my shelving (I don't have a tri-pod yet) and disturbing my flow of consciousness, I decided that it just was not meant to be fully documented. This is the first, I think, published video at the new place.

Oh and by the way, this and other completed intuitive projects can be found at my esty store for purchase. Thank you for supporting an independent artist and adventurer! You can click the tab above to see the mini-store app.

Until next time...
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  1. I love this art form and enjoyed the class I took from you. Your art projects are great!


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