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Custom Journal Cover
 I thought since I've not posted in a while I would post a bit about what I had been working on through the last couple of months. Quilting has gone to the back burner while my passion for the paper arts has come around again. 
I have so many interests and talents that they make their rounds as the year goes.
The first one is an altered $1 journal found at Joanns. I sanded the cover and then gesso'd it, which made a very interesting texture with the sanding.  On top of that I worked in some oil pastels to make a sunrise like scene. The old tree was made with black...paper rope? I have no idea what it is called but it was sent to me some time ago in a swap. It makes a great looking tree!! It just needs an owl or crow on a branch. 

Fall Card

This is a fall themed card that I made for a swap, but then found that I had already sent out that swap. Whoops! This particular design was inspired from fall themes I looked at in the magazine "Card Maker Fall 2014". It's a mag that the library carries. So I go in and browse through it and take photos with the phone of what inspires me since I cannot check-out the current issues. Library rules. Meh. I like it so much I was considering making a set of five to add to the shop for $20. The background is mono-printed. I don't think I have enough gems though for all five...might have to mix it up a bit but micro beads or even leaf punchies.

Full Moon 

This next one of the moon was the day after the full moon eclipse. It was picture perfect sitting above work. It was auto-awesomed by google.

Sacred Hallows

This Sacred Hallows journal page was done for a swap on swapbot called "Sacred Hallows". I also included a pressed leaf, some "Sacred Wood" incense and a crow feather for my partner. 

Bookpage Dragonfly

Bookpage Dragonfly and Ladybug ATC's were done for a swap on swapbot.com. I had a fun time swapping through that site over the summer but I just don't have time for it now.

Bookpage Ladybug

Pumpkin ATC

A nice fall scene for a pumpkin ATC,

Rare Urban Trashcan Squirrel

 And while out for a coffee run last weekend, a squirrel decided to explore the trashcan next to the window where I sat. He stretched all the way down inside of it but I was too slow at getting the phone out to catch that bit of funny squirrel fun. See the blue car? That's mine!! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Fall ATC

Another ATC for a swap over there on swapbot.

Halloween ATC Swap

These were fun to create. I didn't realize when I signed up that it was a three-for-three. I had fun creating these none-the-less. Used some mono-printed background that I experimented with adding texture with undiluted gesso.

That's all for now me thinks. I worked on a lot over the summer. I'll try to stay more active on here. After I get home I usually don't have energy for much more than making dinner, doing a few dishes, eating said dinner and heading off to bed.


Until next time...
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