Halloween was fun again this year! I dressed up as a Hobbit from the LOTR. I made the beard via this website which I found on Pinterest. Hurrah for a Pinterest win!! It cost me a whole $8 to make.
The helmet I found at Goodwill for $.69 and painted the "horns" to look more like...well...horn rather than they gray plastic they were. The hatchet was $2 and the rest of the gear a friend loaned me (shield, clothes, and drinking horn). You can see one my best friends in the slideshow dressed up as a creepy Shaman. I think she nailed it!

A goofy Dwarven me jamming to Diggy-Diggy Hole.

Diggy Diggy Hole

In other news!
Hibiscus Bloom!!

My Hibiscus finally is blooming after three years of growth. She started as a 6" cutting from a tree my friend had. I read that if you wait till it blooms to trim, it'll bloom more. I trim her every year because she has grown to over 6 feet tall. I didn't this year and she grew all summer. As soon as I brought her inside she started blooming!! YAY!!

View from Work

This is a snapshot of the view of the sky and land around work. Isn't that gorgeous!!! We are expecting snow overnight tonight and I am NOT looking forward to getting out in it. My car is super tiny and is a manual shift. Sometimes I forget I am driving a manual and I am afriad I'll fuck up and land in a ditch.

Hallows Card

Is finally finished the last swap I signed up for before work started. This one was a Samhain card swap. I haven't gotten feedback from it yet, so I dunno if the recipient appreciated it or not.


I have also been dealing with a lot of odd, random, numbing of my arms and hands. I am hoping it is just because I am in dire need of a Chiro visit. It's made fine movements needed to hand sew or write a bit painful. That'll be happening next week. I've had two painful spasms in the last couple of months and I think it's pulled shit out of place. Ugh. It's never ending isn't it, the problems in life we have to deal with. 

Well now we are moving into the big gift giving holiday season and I am hosting a local Handmade Holiday gift exchange. I'm not sure how well I will deal with that with the current conditions of my back and arms that I am dealing with. Sewing by hand is a beotch right now (as I found out when I tried to do some embroidery). I don't really have the time nor energy to plan an event, but whatevs...I had fun at the Hallows one and I am sure I will have fun at this one as well.

Thanks to some sales in my etsy store I've gotten several major repairs completed on the car with the help of a friends husband who was a mechanic for 12 years and has access to a lift and all the tools he could ever need. So it's mostly road safe now. The brakes are doing some vibrating when stopping at higher speeds, so we still have that to deal with....and the heat. I have no heat in the cab at all. It's gonna be a long winter if we can't figure that one out. I went out this afternoon and tightened the lighter socket as it was loose. It is probably going to be one of the easiest repairs I will ever do. I had to take some of the dash apart and take out the entire stereo unit to get to it, but it wasn't hard at all.

Now on to make some Thanksgiving cards and get started on my handmade gifts.

Until next time...
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