Full Moon in Cancer - An Art Journal Journey

Video 1 of 12 of a new art journal series I am doing (below). Art journaling the Full Moons to learn some lunar Astrology. I really need to rig me up a camera rig for overhead recording so it's not upside down all the time. HA! 

This is just going to be some art journal process videos because I do enjoy watching other people's process videos. Might as well add mine to the pool. If you have questions about materials or what-not, feel free to ask me. February's full moon in Leo video coming soon! I'm in the process of editing it and all that fun stuff. 

Question for you all. When you watch a video like this, if you enjoy doing so, would you A) rather there be no narration on the video and just watch the process, or B) would like to hear the maker narrate thoughts, supplies, etc as the video plays? 

For example, I love to watch this channel "Imperfect Impulses" and he narrates what he is using through the video and adds his thoughts and inspiractions, etc-etc. I'm not one to talk a whole lot because I tend to stumble over my words...my brain is always moving faster than I can speak so words tend to come out garbeled or even smashed together. But narrating seems to be less work than adding captions throughout the video. 

It's hard for me to find time to sit down and create. Most days I just want to come home, eat, and veg in front of the computer...either gaming or watching something either on youtube, amazon, or netflix. 

I need spring in the worst way. So far this winter I have landed in a snow bank....long story short there is that I hit a blind corner that was sheer ice and fish-tailed all over the road to finally land in the snow bank on the wrong side of the road (thankfully, I pack a shovel...just in case). That led me to worry about damage and how much it would cost me to keep the old gal ticking...turns out there was some snow lodged up in the works causing the steering to wobble but it corrected itself. When I took it in to the local mechanic, he said I have a ball join on the way out. So while not a direct result of the snow bank encounter, it's good to know that needs replacing soon so it doesn't total the car when it goes. 

And then just last week a fuel line froze up and she didn't start one morning. It thawed out over the weekend since it was blessedly warmer.

I worry constantly about it and I need some peace of mind. It's my first car, on my own. Before I had someone around to ask and comfort me if I had some silly ass worry or concern. Now I just bug my friends and I'm sure they get sick and tired of my constant stream of mechanical questions and concerns. I know they will give me an honest answer because if you ask a mechanic, of course they will lead you to believe it, whatever it is, needs to be looked at, replaced, or fixed. ESPECIALLY if you are a wommin. Oh how they love to scare the wimmin into getting unnecessary repairs.

So I bought an Automobile Mechanics book. I'll be damned if I get taken for a ride. Fuck that noise. Now I just need to find time to read it!

I gotta say, though, I love Toyota's. They take a lickin and keep on tickin. That'll probably be the brand I stick with. 

Until next time...
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