The Creative Money Hole...

I often wonder why we need to buy so much junk to feel creative. New projects that showcase new techs, new machines, new ways of doing things. Stencils, paint, inks, sprays, markers, stuff-stuff-stuff....

I dunno about you, but I can't be that liberal with my earnings.

But that doesn't stop me from wanting all the new fancy shit that comes out on a regular basis. My paper art supplies are a good ten years old. And since getting back to it, and jumping into art journaling, I have found that I am not satisfied with what I already own in art supply. I have a lot of it already! I don't need anymore!!

So what I want to do is use what I have THEN buy more. Why should I stuff my shelves with new stuff just because everyone else has it? A lot of the new things like alcohol inks are easy to make with cheap $1 spray bottles. And distress inks?? Has no one ever heard of dry brushing to get that look? Or using a make-up sponge? Every time I go into Joanns or Micheals, I stand in front of the Tim Holtz line ( both stores now have an entire section devoted to this line now), and argue with myself about getting some distress ink to try. Or a pack of alcohol inks. Or some Dylusions ink spray....which are all $10 a pack (2 - 3 items). I also what some alcohol markers in the worst way...but I can't buy them in a pack of primaries or brights?? No. You must buy them in packs of 8, in one color scheme...for $20 a pack. WHY?! I don't want a whole package of just one color in multiple tones! Why can't I get the primaries and black? It's rather frustrating on my budget the way they market these things.

There are ways to make (or make-do) with what I already own.

I must admit. I am very tempted to get a die cutting machine. But the prices of the dies!!!


But I have punches, a bunch of them actually, and I have templates (you know, those plastic things with shapes you trace and cut by hand? Yea, THOSE things) that I use on a regular basis. Do I really need THAT too? If I get it, will I use it once or twice and never again because of the price of the dies? I have a Xyron sticker machine that I have barely touched in the many years I have had it. I thought I would use it when I bought it, but I barely have.

I hope that someday I will be able to live with someone who adores me enough to buy me art supplies I don't need, or enjoys watching me create, or enjoys seeing me happy when I create.


"We must endure the hard times and BELIEVE that the good times are coming."

When? How long? Where?!

Oh el sigh o.

Not a very inspiring post I'm afraid.

Until next time...
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  1. This is one of the most authentic blog posts. Your writing touched my heart.


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