Concertina VS Accordion

I thought I'd never see the day again, when I could NOT find what I needed on youtube. Upon searching for concertina binding, I found a whole slew of videos claiming to show the what and the how, but turns out, most folks don't seem to know the difference between concertina and accordion. I clicked on one that said "Concertina Binding" and it turns out, she made an accordion book with absolutely no binding. That is not concertina. It is similar and involves some accordion folding, so I get why people mistake one for another.

The reason I was looking for examples of it is because of this:

My hand-made art journal is doing this funny bowing thing that I don't much care for, and it's putting so much pressure on the covers that they are bending at the stitched points. Time to unbind and re-bind that puppy.

Time for a new tutorial! 
Coming soon to a crafty blog near you: Concertina binding!!

Until next time...
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