Creativity strikes!

After a very long hiatus, it seems creativity has come knocking at my door again this weekend. It's been gone for a long time and I am happy to have it back.

I see the photo placement issues haven't been address on here yet.

Anyhow, I was over at Micheals the other day, trying not to drop a gold nuggets worth in there, and spotted these two kick as "erasers"on clearance from their Dollar General junk isles near the front. Okay well, some of the stuff is okay, but most of it comes across as junk to me.
The moment I saw them I thought STAMPS! So I bought two of the four designs they had and carved them puppies up. I found out they were plastic erasers, so they did prove a bit challenging to carve at times. I used one of the Owl in a journal page this afternoon. Video of that is coming shortly.

I also, the last couple of months, aquired a 5x7 Gelli plate. So I've been playing around with that. And I gotta tell yea..it's not much different than working on my home-made one. I wanted to buy a smaller, cheaper, commercial one just to compare the work surfaces. The "Gelli tape" was fun to create. Of course I found out I was out of packing tape when I was ready for it. /facepalm

I really like the green/yellow pearlX on the bottom one and wished Ihad done all three with that color, but I wanted to see what the different colors would look like.

ent kite flying one day last week. A friend captured my kite. While during the beginning of the day the wind was a steady breeze...as the day went on, the gusts got much-much stronger. I ended up just flying the thing over my head for most the time instead of doing cool zippy things with it, like a stunt kite is supposed to do, because I was afraid the wind would tear it apart! It dragged me forward several times. It was still fun.

Had some of this awesomesauce Ginger Beer this weekend. SOOOoooo good.

And refreshed my supply of Chai. There is nothing like home-made chai. I make mine with vanilla Almond milk. SOOOOooo good and quite relaxing so it's a great before bed drink. I've been having issues with sleep so this is helping.

I'm also realizing that I have developed some serious anxiety and OCD issues. So I am trying my best at treating those issues naturally with teas and the like.  Getting old sucks. Another year older, now to make it through the next one. Day by day, step by step.

I found this awesome, quick and simple book making video this after noon that I am very excited about. I have two full sheets (20x30) of watercolor paper that has done nothing but collect dust for many, many, many years. I already cut and folded one, the other one I am making a 16-page journal from. Cause, why not. I have them, they are just sitting around taking up space. It's high time I start using all this shit I have amassed from over the years. Money needs to get put back for other things, like car repairs and a new one when the time comes.

Then the next thing to tackle with that is a fabric cover. Because of it's open spine, and folded nature, there is a very good chance that it could come open and be damaged. So to prevent that, I'm going to put together a quilted cover that will act as a temporary cover joint.  Should be fun! I have lots of fun fabrics to play with. I haven't sewn anything in a long while. I seem to be suddenly in a book making mood. As if I need more of THOSE lying around. One friend suggested I could make them for Yule presents, and what a great idea!!

Until next time...
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