100 Days of Creativity: Day 1

I ran across a video this evening that featured the first in one hundred days of creativity, a social challenge. 

And so I said, why not try??

Find all the info on the project, it's creators, and how to participate here:

No strings attached. You can share them on Instagram, or, however you'd like to share them.

What am I doing?

So I am going to try very, very, VERY hard to have the decipline and to MAKE THE TIME to do this, one little 3x5 card of artsy goodness, that will (hopefully) be made into a book, or added to one. 

I have a ton of unmounted, uncatagorized, and mostly mysterious stamps 
from a stamping con from many years ago that I have NEVER used.

I want to use every, single one.

Here is Day 1.

And yes, there will be process videos....maybe not on all of them, cause who has the time!!! It takes a lot of time and effort to edit even a short video so the viewers aren't bored out of their minds.
 Even then, some meanies love to thumbs down. 


I do have to make dinner if I want to eat a decent, hot, meal. 

There's just not enough time in a day.

Even now I am typing this as I fight dozing off. My brain did not let me sleep well last night. 
So it goes for me.

Until tomorrow!

Until next time...
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