What I've been up to...

I tried that 100 days of creativity but because I come home so exhausted from work, I couldn't keep up.

But now I am on seasonal layoff and loving it. I love my time off. It gives me time to do what I really enjoy, and that is creating whatever my heart desires.

I've gotten back with swapbot and have had several enjoyable swaps this summer. I really like the swaps that involve sending a card to a kid with cancer. That's the kind of swap I like.

I've not done much quilting but have come back to knitting. So goes the cycle of my life. LMAO!

Knitting has helped me cope with life. I've had quite a problem with insomnia this year and it was really starting to affect my life. I ended up in the hospital three months ago with what I thought were chest pains. Thankfully, my heart is strong and apparently it was just anxiety induced pain. That was the catalyst for more help. I am now taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds. Life is funny. One minute you are okay, the next, everything is falling apart. I can't stress what a difference the meds have med on my mood and daily life. I had gotten in a pretty deep hole. I lost 20 pounds before landing in the hospital because my insomnia had gotten to a point where I would go straight to bed after work, and I was napping instead of eating on my breaks. Great way to lose weight, however I do not recommend it. LMAO!!

But now I am biking darn near every day, my garden is thriving and so am I. I'm creating everyday again and dreaming every night again. My friends have played a very important role in my life by offering support and activity.

You don't realize how precious sleep is, until you stop sleeping.

Until next time...
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