Holy shit, I'm spinning again!

I'm back to my active, creative, happy self! Finally!!
I can't stress what a difference those two little meds have made in my quality of life. I resisted for so long, seeking medical help, struggling through every waking hour.
What a difference.
What a difference.

 I carded my first batt of wool in nearly five years and I have an itch to go to the sheep and wool festival which is next month. I really won't have the extra money for it, but I'll be working again so I can put a few purchases on the craft supply credit card. Everything during the summer gets charged while I am on seasonal lay-off so the rest of the year will be spent paying off the bills. OYE!

I also want to adopt another sheep. I found the wool from the one I adopted some time back and it is still so soft.

Also trying to remember how I cleaned the dirty wools, so I am chugging away at those old raw wools. I was told, some time ago that it was best to store wool in the raw if you weren't going to get around to cleaning it right away. Now, I'm being told, the opposite is true. However, the wool, so far...is looking fine.
Upcycle dreams. This was one entire Opera magazine, rolled into tubes, and then woven into a basket. Another skill to add to my Jane-of-all-Trades belt. Painted with latex paint which provides a sealant and a glue to create a basket as structurally sound as a basket woven of reeds.

I can't express how excited I am to get back to doing what I have enjoyed in the past, and actually ENJOY it again. Fuck the past, it's in the past. Looking forward to what the future holds and working on reopening my heart to make room for love again. Who knows what will happen, I just know I am ready to enjoy the journey again!

And I could really use a wool picker....LOL!!!

And did I mention I am loosing MORE weight?? Went swimming last Friday and my swim suit was so loose that I had to be careful when I leaned over. PEEP SHOW!

I love this little city I live in. All the basics are less than a mile away, Cafe, library, community garden, grocery, dollar store, walgreens, fuel, pizza, Culvers and a bunch more. All I have to do when I need something is hop on the bike and run over. Alternatively walk over when the cold arrives.

I've heard that there is an El Nino happing this year that is stronger than any that has been recorded. That could mean, a brown winter, or a buried winter and nothing in-between. Last time we contended with that we had 101" of snow in one winter. At least I'll get more skiing in than last year when I was only able to ski TWICE because we lacked the proper amount of snow. Twice in 6 months. FFS. I love X-country skiing. Me wants to do more than twice in a season!!

Until next time...

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